some 260,000 shift workers, parents of small children or family carers in the electrical and metal industry make use of the possibility to reduce working time, as the First Chairman of IG Metall, Jörg Hofmann, has announced. The show is a survey of 2,600 Farms. According to the Union, 93 percent of the requests for more free time in the companies were successful.

In the collective agreement, the IG Metall almost a year ago, with the employers ‘ side, which had already been negotiated, it is possible for this group of workers to choose between more leisure and a collective bargaining additional money. Employers must pay the premium of 27.5 per cent of a Monthly wage starting this year, each in July to all Employees. Instead, the employees affected may choose, but also eight additional days.

How many shift workers, parents of small children, or Caregivers opted for the additional money, announced by the IG Metall. In a first, smaller survey in November 2018, it was said, in the case of shift workers, 70 to 80 percent would choose the leisure option.

The collective bargaining agreement was decided at the beginning of February of 2018, first of all, in Baden-Württemberg, and then for the whole of Germany. It also includes the Option to work reduced full-time, employee, full-time working hours to 28 hours is lowered, and later on a full-time can increase (read more here about the Details of the Treaty).

The IG Metall is Germany’s largest trade Union. You could increase 2018, the number of members rose to 8000 to 2.27 million. In consequence, the member contributions amounted to 585 million euros, a new record. This meant an increase of 4.3 percent over the previous record year of 2017.


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