Isabel Puig will take the helm at IKEA Korea on Sept. 1. She will also head the corporate sustainability business herself. Photo courtesy of IKEA Korea

The CEO will also take charge of corporate sustainability

iKEA Korea announced on Aug. 31 that Isabel Puig would take charge of the company beginning on Sept. 1, along with the role of chief sustainability officer.

Under the stewardship of Isabel, who has a decade of experience at IKEA, the company plans to focus on offering home furnishing products and solutions to create better homes.

Toward that end, the company vowed to strengthen its omnichannel approach through digital transformation, providing a range of new service options for customers.

Plus, the company strives to continue its initiatives for people and the planet to become climate-positive by 2030 by expanding the use of renewable energy and increasing electric vehicle deliveries.

“I am excited to take on this new role in Korea, one of the most dynamic markets demonstrating new possibilities of home furnishing,” Isabel said in a statement.

“I am committed to ensuring that inspiring IKEA home furnishing products and solutions, developed over eight decades, with our strong focus on people and the planet, will firmly take root in the homes and lives of many Koreans.”

In 2014, she got aboard Ingka Group, which operates IKEA retail in 31 markets, as a global co-worker relations leader, following her career as a lawyer and legal advisor in Spain and the United States.

Later, she assumed various roles such as area manager and country people & culture manager.

Most recently, the new CEO worked as deputy retail manager at IKEA France, overseeing retail operations and all business areas.

In this role, she has proven her ability to address key management issues, such as business development, process development, and advancing cross-organizational collaboration, according to IKEA Korea.

The departing CEO of IKEA Korea, Fredrik Johansson, will move to a new role as the global business operation manager at Ingka Group, delivering service experiences and operational excellence to Ingka Group Companies.

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