The number of migrants who wanted to illegally enter the country on the German border, has decreased in the past year, apparently significantly. The results of a survey by the Federal Ministry of the interior established “Joint analysis and strategy centre for Illegal Migration”, which is the MIRROR.

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After that, were almost all limits significantly lower the illegal Entry found: on the border to Austria and Switzerland about 30%, Luxembourg 24%. On the other borders, the decline was less strong. Increases were only from the Czech Republic (plus 10 percent), and by ship from Scandinavia (plus 25 percent); from there, many migrants are returning.

the Numbers are on the decline overall, is mainly due to the fact that fewer migrants on the Central Mediterranean to Italy. The restrictive stance of the Italian government in the former main route from Libya to Italy shows the effect.

Around a Million refugees in Germany

There, the number of migrants who arrived by sea in Europe fell from 119.369 in 2017 23.371 in the past year – a decline of 80 percent. In the result of soft traffickers in other ways.

the number of migrants coming from Morocco to Spain rose to 159 percent of 22.103 in 2017 57.215 in the past year. Also from Turkey, more people came back to Greece, there was an increase of nine per cent of 29.718 to 32.497.

According to information from the UNHCR for the year 2017, about one Million refugees live in Germany. Only five countries have taken in more refugees. At the top of the Turkey with 3.5 million refugees, followed by Pakistan, and Uganda, each with 1.4 million. Most of the refugees who come to Germany, now coming from Afghanistan, Nigeria, Iraq and Syria.

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