In the U.S. state of Illinois should have 690 Catholic clergymen to children, passed. The state attorney Lisa Madigan announced. The Catholic Church itself had given the number of priests and other clergy in the state, against which credible allegations of abuse are present, with 185.

Madigan, have been detected since August, allegations against more than 500 other members of the clergy. Therefore, the number rose to 690.

The Catholic Church does not “have investigated the allegations thoroughly,” said the Prosecutor. You have thus violated their “moral obligation” to bring the whole truth about “sexually inappropriate behavior” of their priests in the state to light.

In individual cases, the report says, had even been attempts to discredit the alleged victims. You have searched for reasons in the Person’s life, it said in the report.

state attorney Lisa Madigan of Illinois

Concussion report

The Catholic Church in the United States in the past few years, a number of abuse cases has been shaken. A jury panel in Pennsylvania was submitted in August, a shocking report on child abuse in the Catholic Church.

needed, Therefore, miss more than 300 Catholic priests in the state over the decades, over a thousand children. Attorney Madigan launched her investigation after the publication of the report.


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