The liquid, the more controversial: The image smoothing has become a Standard in modern TVs and all of the manufacturers make. Merciless football games, TV shows and Blockbuster are ironed artificially flat. Find some spectators are pretty annoying, other features but the Feature.

between the image calculation, the technology, the operas of the so-called soap is makes effect. It is inserted between two pictures of another, which is kind of the optical intersection. The Trick is to minimize motion blur and camera pans of liquid.

While the notice in the case of football transfers is hardly criticized Hollywood, the artificially added to the images. Directors complain of your such as Christopher Nolan (“The Dark Knight”) and actors such as Tom Cruise (“Mission Impossible”) that the movies will look like after the smoothing of the hyperreal, such as in a soap and nothing more to do with the cinema-Look, the filmmakers very deliberately with specific cameras.

“was hoping for, unfortunately in the cinema is a technology of yesterday”

The image smoothing our readers polarized. Because not all see the soap Opera effect distracting. “The in-between frames to make the television experience for most viewers better,” writes a reader in the MIRROR Forum. The minority who preferred it to interrupt and “dear jerky camera pans, can exhibit the function”.

another reader interferes with, rather, at the cinema standard of 24 frames per second, and estimates that the artificially inserted between the images. “The filmmakers are from the day before Yesterday,” he writes. “The bumpy roads make in the movies is yesterday’s technology.” As long as Hollywood makes its movies with outdated technology, would have to calculate the TV manufacturers just additional images artificially.

another movie buff writes: “Let people stop what they are in the mood.” If you would depend on what the Scientology follower Tom Cruise thinks is right, then “, we would believe in alien ghosts that live in our bodies”.

“Artificially high image frequencies are like a plague”

the Other made a clear commitment to, that you like movies just watch, when the effect is turned off. A reader writes about: “The Matrix meets GZSZ, just terrible and useless.” Others feel the smooth scenes of the failed Attempts to establish films with a high frame rate (HFR) in Hollywood. “I went from the cinema, the Hobbit, delivery in HFR, horrible, no film feeling.”


another reader interferes mainly at the pictures of the smoothing effect. “The artificially high image frequencies are like a plague,” he writes. The image will thus not realistic – and it should not be. This would, for example, shows a color filter placed over a lot of movies.

Some readers will be happy about that, you can specify the smoothing function now, finally – you’ve noticed before, just unconsciously. “Now I can name the annoying effect, at least, and apparently shut down,” writes a reader. It could not be that “half of the Film any more or less lousy, Algorithms”.

LG shows open for the shutdown

the TV manufacturers, there is Agreement: There is a lot of development work into the effect, so he stays as the default enabled. In the case of Samsung you have little understanding of the fact that the film optics could be among the images suffer. Quite the contrary: In the case of “rapid image sequences”, such as in action films, the manufacturer even recommends, to activate the image smoothing effect.

Panasonic refers to the fact that you “work very closely and successfully with specialists from Hollywood”. The image smoothing is turned on by default in the movie mode to “THX” is disabled the effect. There are “a lot of users, what are the benefits of knowledge of a to value between the image calculation,” says a spokesman for the manufacturer.

The TV manufacturers Sony manifests itself only slightly to smooth the discussion. Who would like to dispense with the intermediate image calculation, can this switch off, says a spokesman.

Only at the “Stiftung Warentest”-winner LG is ready to talk. According to a spokesperson, “we will draw in the future in order to keep this function in the default setting, turned off”, if a majority should consider the effect disturbing. So far, we assume that the image smoothing effect will be discussed at a “rather small group of TV users”. Therefore, the function is switched on.

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