In the “time” recently a long article about the dangers of alcohol. The science is divided, what are the effects of the regular consumption of alcoholic beverages on health. One of the cited researchers, that is not living for me, quite surprisingly, in Germany, believes that every SIP of wine a SIP of too much. A by him in the “Deutsche Ärzteblatt” published Text bears the title: “consumption always means risk”.

The sentence I would agree without reservation. Life is that you die eventually of something, this is almost inevitably so. Conversely, this also means that you should not make you crazy. This is the comforting message.

The health researchers said the sentence, however, visible in a different way, as a prompt for risk avoidance. He advocates Zero-tolerance for alcoholic beverages because one cannot exclude the possibility that alcohol in very small amounts to heart damage, stroke, or cancer.

“consumption risk always means” is the perfect Motto for people to curl up on the loved one. It can be everything to apply, what appears to be a dangerous. Even herbal tea is now suspected to produce unwanted side effects. Increased risk of cancer alkaloids due to “unexpectedly high levels of Pyrrolizidine,” reported a newspaper. Children, Pregnant women and Nursing mothers should let their teacups often empty, was the recommendation.

How is the impartiality?

no one moves for a religious movement so much fury as the heretics. A week ago, have not reported more than 100 lung doctors with a call to word, because they believe that particulate matter and nitrogen oxide are harmful, how to read everywhere. Now it is trying to prove with great effort, that it is in the signatories to people who are either deluded or of the industry bought.

One of the initiators has worked as an engineer in the development of diesel engines. The was large, as also the objections raised by the pulmonologist that keep a Check on the limits for a displayed pending. You might as well ask how many Doctors who believe in the direct harmfulness of particulate matter and nitrogen oxide, are in the Green or one of the innumerable environmental organizations, member. Also this could be taken as evidence of lack of impartiality. But it doesn’t work.

There is already a new word for people who do not take fine dust seriously: “fine particulate pollution deniers”. The Podcaster and winner of the Grimme award Tilo Jung has set in the world. I’m sure the concept of a great career. Ten more days and the German Federal environment Agency brochure on why you can’t doubt trust journalists, nitrogen oxide and particulate limits.

MORE on THE TOPIC of environmental Medicine against lung doctor, and the limits Protect our health?

The Federal environment Agency has with such brochures experience. Five years ago, met with journalists and scientists, which reports to the climate change is exaggerated, had kept. They were listed by name as a “climate change skeptic”, the positions would not be represented, consistent with the status of knowledge of climate science.

sewing it deals with the matter, the more complicated it is

What surprised me at the limits of discussion, that people you trust have a University degree, have a hard time to distinguish between correlation and causality. It is recognised that people living on a main road, suffer more from diseases than city people, who are lucky enough to own a cottage in a quiet side street. The layman (and as it turns out, a number of experts) concludes that car traffic must be the one that puts the main street residents to an early grave. What is declared to be the cause, but it may just be a seemingly causal relationship. At least as plausible as any other explanation.

Who has an apartment right on a busy street, belongs to with some probability to the less privileged people. Poverty is an old shortening of life style is often associated. It is smoked more and drank, poor people eat often worse than wealthier and practice less Sport. To come to a reliable statement about the dangers of an environmental toxin such as nitric oxide, one would have to distribute to the citizens so randomly about the city. Unfortunately, such an Experiment is not the city Council.

The closer one examines the matter, the more complicated it will go, which may explain a part of the political audience to the pain, to the bottom of things. Until today, it is a mystery why, in many towns and cities after the establishment of environmental zones is not as expected, the fine dust values, as expected, decreased, but increased.

Anyway, the risk to get a fine dust in the lung is highest where there is the least suspect. What is the concentration of fine dust particles in the air, the most dangerous place in Germany? No, it is the traffic island and the motorway junction is not. It is, believe it or not, the U-Bahn Station. Brake abrasion in an upwardly closed space: this is the worst news that I found on the weekend in my Sunday newspaper.

I’m waiting now on the block of all metro stations in Germany. “TRANSPORT kills” – but the policy does not rest!

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