In the past year are drowned 2262 potential heroes. Two thousand two hundred sixty-two. As many migrants died according to the UN, in the Mediterranean sea while trying to reach Europe by boat.

Why potential heroes? In Athens, the Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos presented now, some of the migrants, naturalisation certificates. The three fishermen, a man from Albania and two native Egyptians, were rescued in last summer, dozens of Greeks in the vicinity of the coastal village of Mati from the sea.

The Locals were prior to the devastating forest fires into the water escaped, and would have drowned without the help of the fishermen, perhaps – as those 2262 people who had fled 2018 from Hunger, war and misery into the Mediterranean sea (and not the heroic rescuers met). For Gani Xheka, Emad El Khaimi and Mahmoud Ibrahim Musa, the three now nationalized heroes of Mati, the course is a beautiful story with a happy ending.

but Apart from that this is all a Farce.

And not an isolated case. In September, the President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron was the fact that a young man from Mali is naturalized. Mamoudou Gassama was climbed at the end of may in a house in Paris, in order to save a young boy who was hung on a balcony on the fourth floor and to plunge into the death. So still a hero story.

for Gassama, you can look forward without restriction. And many people do – because of such individual cases, because stories like his touch us. You misting, but, unfortunately, the sight of the big picture. From this perspective, the matter is quite different.

Emmanuel Macron and Mamoudou Gassama (may 2018)

The naturalisation of the actions of Athens and Paris are not just a populist PR Coups of Ruling, they run counter to basic principles of enlightened Europe: Instead of the rule of law, it is in these stories of power – who brings a feat.

thousands of people in Europe worry about their residence status, to get attention, but four exceptional isolated cases. Thus, the question from the point of view, if someone is out of logical, factual reasons, may remain permanently in the country. Instead, it is a question of whether someone was brave enough. And strong. And at the right time in the right place, at random.

Since when but the chance is allowed to decide whether or not a Migrant is allowed to stay? And how will it be shown in the already hysterical-led debate on immigration on the basis of such decisions that the right to stay to factual questions? Bureaucratic and legal decisions in individual cases on the basis of fixed criteria is not did to be a hero?

It comes to collective egoism

Otherwise, could now begin a grotesque debate: What is the minimum requirement would be for a naturalization? A abgewendeter accident? A thwarted Crime? A rescued human life? Or equal to a never-before-seen superhuman individual performance? With the rule of law nothing more, would have to do. But with the collective egoism, the measures others only to your Benefit.

So in any case, the decision of the Greek President could Pavlopoulos suggest that Because some the Stranger saved on that day in July a few Ours , you may stay. you useful for us , and honour we then.

How cynical all this is, on the Mediterranean sea. There are very many people who save there people and in safety. The actions of these helpers are appreciated in Europe, but rarely of state President, but since some time more and more often by prosecutors as follows: If Europeans want to help in distress migrants, from the point of view of some of the no feat. But a criminal act. Because of the rule of law is not generous, but ruthless.

two thousand two hundred sixty-two. The are very many people who have been saved to 2018 not of the onrushing hero. And have never the Chance to be the hero.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.