Australia is known for its harsh immigration policy. Now the number of detention centres for migrants in Australia should be reduced, apparently, to seven. According to the British newspaper “the Guardian” was one of the high-security centres in Melbourne, another in Sydney to follow in may. The government justified the step with the alleged decline in the number of illegal Entries.

activists of the refugee assistance doubts as to this justification. “The number of the mainland internees man is not fallen significantly,” said Ian Rintoul, spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition. In addition, the authorities have recently increased the capacity of the remaining high-security centres.

Because of its seems to be particularly rabid guard the Australian newspaper “The Age had classified as” the high-security centre in Maribyrnong in Melbourne, which was concluded as the first, as the hardest camp in the country.

plans for the closure of the island detention centres, there is not

Since 2013, the Australian government began placing refugees who arrive by sea, centres on the island Republic of Nauru and on the Papua new Guinea belonging to the island of Manus. Currently, thousands of migrants and refugees are being held there. Some of them are, since 2013, in stock – under conditions which condemn Doctors and Refugee workers, as the people are illegal. Plans for the closure of the camp on Nauru or Manus.

On Australian soil to be detained for about 1250 people in detention centres, including boat refugees as well as people who have exceeded their authorized period of stay or your visa is out of character reasons, it was withdrawn. In 2013, there were 26 internment centres, which were then nearly 10.200 people were inside.

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