US President Donald Trump wants to will this Friday sign a decree, the asylum procedure at the border to Mexico more difficult. The White house announced on Thursday. Consequently, in the future, may only apply for people applied for asylum in the United States, which enter through official ports of Entry into the country. Trump had announced the new scheme already before the Congress election.

people that come from Mexico beyond the official border post into the country, could not submit a request for asylum. This will allow the authorities to concentrate staff and to ensure an efficient process for those who have a claim to asylum procedures, – stated in the explanatory statement. The Change, however, is highly controversial. Human rights activists see in the action a violation of applicable US law, a number of organisations have already announced resistance before the courts. Currently, the law allows people who enter illegally into the United States, to make an application for asylum.

The White house believes that the new approach in the context of the legally Possible is if the President considers the interests of the United States in danger. “In accordance with our immigration laws, the President has the right to limit the immigration of people without a clear Status in the United States, if he is of the opinion that this is in the national interest”, said the acting Minister of justice, Matthew Whitaker, who had taken over the day before, the Post by Jeff Sessions.

Donald Trump had made the issue of Immigration and illegal immigration a main issue in the election campaign before the elections to Congress. He also took a group of migrants from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador to the visor, is on the run from poverty and violence on the way through Mexico to the United States. He threatened to send troops to the border, the migrants reside. The opposition Democrats accused Trump, to Stoke fear of illegal Immigration.

Currently, the first and largest group, with more than 5,000 migrants in the stadium Jesús Martínez “:” in Mexico city. You want to decide on Friday on the Route. A spokesman for the refugees accused the United Nations of “cowardly silence”. The migrants are demanding of the UN buses for the onward journey. You could take from Mexico city, the shortest way to the American border to more than 900 kilometres away, in Reynosa. This Route is, however, controlled by crime syndicates, and is considered to be extremely dangerous.

A second group of 1,500 to 2,000 migrants, the city of Matias Romero reached on Thursday in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. A third group with around 2,000 Salvadorans is of Huixtla after Mapastepec, in the southern state of Chiapas on the road.

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