1. “Find my iPhone” is switched on

This is pretty much the most important setting, and therefore also the first -I’m on a new iPhone. Is enabled find My iPhone , I can find out about other Apple devices or a web browser, where my iPhone is. I lost it, can I have the device play a sound and a message on his screen, so that an honest Finder can return it. The Finder is not so honest, or the iPhone was stolen, can I lock it remotely, or delete.

To Turn on the function to type in the settings up to its name, the following page on iCloud and then scroll down until you find find My iPhone . There you have enabled the find My iPhone and the Last location to search send .

2. iCloud Backup

In the same area, the settings , you should activate also iCloud Backup . I secure my iPhone while on my Computer, but in addition, I’ll have a backup in the iCloud. Twice holds better.

The corresponding setting can be found by typing the above in the settings on his name and then on the following page to iCloud Backup , scrolls and taps. A data backup is then performed, for example, automatically during the night when the iPhone is connected to the charger and connected to wifi.

3. Keyboard clicks

a Few features I find superfluous, such as the Click of a on-screen keyboard. Who wants to touch his fellow man at the News with an endless stream of clicking sounds nervous?

So I turn off the clicking sound in the settings under sound & feel , by I disable the keystrokes .

4. Dictation

especially if I’m walking, say I messages instead of typing them on the on-screen keyboard. Usually it is much faster, also I don’t have to look at the screen and I can’t concentrate on my surroundings.

To turn on the dictation feature, tap on the settings General and keyboard and then scroll to the bottom. By the tip of a finger on dictation to activate the function is turned on. It has set up in the keyboard menu in several languages, you can also specify in which languages you want to dictate.

5. One-handed keyboard

In environments where I do not dictate, rather, because of too many Strangers might be listening, such as in the subway, tap I messages rather. Because I am a notorious one-handed typists, and at the same time, iPhones with large screens to use, I like the ability to use a on the right-hand part of the Screen compressed keyboard.

it can be enabled in settings/General/keyboard one-Handed keyboard . Or – much easier – by tapping when you tap the globe on the left under the keyboard. Since then, a selection opens a menu in which you can specify the orientation of the keypad – left, middle , Right.

6. Photos

the device I use more than one Apple and some of them have cameras. That’s why I want all my photos together in one place, in the photos App on the different devices.

So I enable in the settings photos iCloud photos . All of the images are loaded into the Cloud and from there to all of my devices.

the memory is not So scarce, I activate, in addition, iPhone-optimize memory . The high-resolution images on the iPhone will be triggered automatically by low-resolution variants will be replaced when the memory is scarce.

7. Full control

The control center can be reached in most of the iOS devices, by stroking from the bottom to the top. Only in newer iPhones and iPads with iOS 12, you have to swipe from the right, top-to-bottom order to open it. The control center can be, for example, change quickly, the brightness of the screen or the flashlight switching on.

In the settings control center you can add a lot more features and the order of the control elements. That’s exactly what I’m doing and add, among other things, the possibility of voice memos on the touch of a button.

8. Unnecessary Apps

With iTunes U, has created Apple is certainly a fine App, with the help of teaching materials such as task sheets, Videos, and Practice worksheets to students, and students can be distributed. Since my time at University is long gone, I have no use for it, and delete the pre-installed App. The same goes of course also with many other Apps, when you are not sure to need this. Therefore, the shares -App from your iPhone flies with me.

as a reminder: An App to delete from iPhone, by pressing for a moment with a Finger on the App icon and waits to shake until the symbols start and end the crosses display. By the tip of a finger on such a cross, the respective App will be deleted. Some Apps, such as the Safari Browser and the phone App, but not delete it.

9. Quiet, please!

at Night, I want to have my peace. I don’t want to know, if me someone has posted a new message, if there is breaking news or if one of my search assignments at the classifieds portal a new hit.

So I use the settings bother . I choose the variant of Planned , a rest period from 22.30 PM to 7 PM, and activate the mode bedtime . So I can be sure that I will not at night, awakened by unnecessary messages.

10. Night shift for the on-screen

Smartphone screens usually give a relatively cold bluish light. During the day, that’s fine, but if it is dark out, you can have this kind of light negative effects on sleep. Cheaper it is, therefore, the character of the screen, lighting in the dark to a warmer shade of yellow switch.

we could do This manually, but Apple has provided in iOS in favour of an automatic, the Night-Shift-mode.

11. The thing a name

When I setup a new iPhone, it will appoint Apple as “iPhone of Matthias”. You can so, I don’t like. So I give the device in the settings under General/Info/Name is a unique name. Really important, the not, but good for the Karma.

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