this property is located in of Pössl

competition usually brings movement, with a bit of luck, even improving. One is first pleased with the Citroën this property is located in , one of the company Pössl for camping mobile-developed Citroen Space-Tourer. Finally an Alternative to the top dog VW California, and the established competitors, the Mercedes Marco Polo as well as Ford Nugget!

is not considered in this property is located in a lot of things. Under the pop-up roof, a light source is missing. There are no blinds on the Windows. The carpet flooring is impractical – who takes a vacuum cleaner with Camping? The ice maker between the front seats must be removed before the seats can rotate. The safety belt requires seats anchor for the rear, that the rear seat is adjusted so that the baggage slides on the rear shelf behind the seats. So in a bad mood in the holiday is programmed.
By Jürgen Pander

the BMW Vision iNext

As the car shook designer of the competition with the head and ask yourself seriously, what would they have smoked for BMW because to make such a catastrophic proportioned Five-metre vehicle on the wheels? Looks really electric mobility in the next decade?

Inappropriate, the rigid Lounge Sofa in the rear. There is no fold-down Backrest, extend the trunk. Also, the portal doors to the i3, in practice, as little capable. Getting in and out in tight Parking spaces is impossible.

well, the PR campaign was that came up with the Bavarian car maker for its “Vision iNEXT” . In a cargo plane of the Lufthansa group left the study within five days of flying around the world: Munich-New-York-to-San-Francisco-Beijing-Munich. Just like that. It’s even?
By Michael Specht

BMW i8 Roadster

He catches while still getting all the looks and makes more than many a Ferrari or Lamborghini. However, if you don’t buy the BMW i8, only to be Noticed and to show off, but because of the driving, for the the new i8 Roadster is a bitter disappointment – no matter, whether you to the old world or the new. As for the questioning group of the Plug-in Hybrid is just not vigorously and passionately enough, and with 250 km/h top speed is also too slow. As Porsche or McLaren stormy.

And for do-gooders, the i8 is nothing, because its electric range is 53 miles, and in the battery mode, can not drive faster than 130 km/h. As it is, even with a Smart EQ convertible better off.
Tom Grünweg

Mercedes-Benz CLS 450 with a mild-hybrid

mild hybrid as the Mercedes-Benz CLS 450 are the new Wonders of the automotive industry. They allow four-cylinders, the acceleration of six-cylinder cars, costs the manufacturer less than a true hybrid system, and you want to save by the way is still a lot of Fuel.

The principle sounds simple: A belt-alternator-starter shuts off the engine more often – for example, if the driver takes the foot off the Gas. When braking, it recovers energy that can be used for the engine when Accelerating support. That sounds great, in reality, almost nothing. So the promised 7,5 liters on 100 kilometers in the CLS 450, in reality, a minimum of 10 litres. Which is also a comparable Kia Stinger is consumed, also with six cylinders, similar driving performance – but without the new belt starter-Messiah.
Emil Nefzger

Audi e-tron quattro

a Whopping 408 HP, h. sounds from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.7 seconds and a top speed of 200 km/What to sports cars, are, in reality, the performance data of the new electric cars Audi e-tron quattro . Powered by two electric motors, weighs the monstrous SUV 2.5 tonnes and carries the meaning of electric cars – sustainable mobility! – to the point of absurdity. Power consumption: at least 22.5 kWh per 100 kilometres, twice as much as a small car. Sustainability has nothing to do with it.

do not Need it from the point of view of the Ingolstadt-based company. Because the SUV is still the most successful vehicle of the genus, builds Audi its first pure E-car just as the SUV – which costs a minimum of 79.900 Euro. And there’s a water hole known to many elephants romp, the other car manufacturers. Mercedes and Jaguar build models EQC and Pace your first E-cars in the SUV Segment. So it is hardly something the electric mobility.
By Christian Frahm

Mercedes AMG A-35

The so-called super summer of 2018, has left traces of dried-up rivers, to small potatoes, concern about global warming. In the case of people who live on main roads could also be damage to hearing has occurred – so many motorcycles and tuned cars were on the road.

the Mercedes-daughter AMG designed the new A-35 nevertheless, as a sheet metal made disturbance of the peace, is more than annoying. The wagon thumps, krakeelt and secretes the noise of the artificial backfiring, as we have learned in the driving test. The law allows all of this only makes it worse. Thank You, Mercedes!
Nils-Viktor Sorge

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