For almost two months in Japan he is in prison, now he will be probably replaced by French car maker Renault is looking for a successor to CEO Carlos Ghosn. Renault wanted to find “the best solution for the future leadership of the group, in order to safeguard the interests of the company and to strengthen the Renault-Nissan Alliance,” said the group.

Earlier, it was claimed, France’s Finance Minister, Bruno Le Maire, a rapid meeting of the Board on the grounds that the car makers need a new and consistent group management. There should be a new stage, when Ghosn was permanently prevented.

is Currently the Deputy Chairman of the Board Thierry Bolloré transition Chairman of Renault, officially Ghosn has held the Post as head of the group, however. The government in Paris is the largest shareholder in Renault. She had yet to be held to Ghosn, in Japan serious breach of trust and financial violations accused. The former Nissan chief is suspected in Japan for many years, a lot of low income are declared and to capital of the car manufacturer Nissan is enriched.

car Manager in prison, The mysterious case of Carlos Ghosn

New allegations against Ghosn

Ghosn – once the driving force behind the Alliance of Renault, Nissan and, later, Mitsubishi sits so since the 19th century. November, in pre-trial detention. An application for bail, a court rejected on Tuesday.

Last week, had raised the public Prosecutor’s office in Tokyo, two other charges of financial violations. The 64-Year-old should not have given in the five years to 2015, but also in the past three fiscal years, its income is too low. The Prosecutor’s office, according to up to 15 years in prison Ghosn. He himself says he was accused of “unlawfully”.

The Japanese newspaper “Nikkei”, according to Renault, want to meet executives and French government representatives on this Thursday, Nissan’s chief Hiroto Saikawa in Japan. The visiting Delegation wanted to ask the Nissan Management to be an explanation regarding the corporate governance in accordance with Ghosns arrest, Nikkei reported, without stating the sources. Similarly, it is unclear when the Board of Directors of Renault is days.


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