Broken down from the suburb to obtain in the City of Cologne in the just-opened “Jeans store” the eleven-year-old Tobias, the long-awaited pair of pants, makes eve, his 38-year-old mother, a strangely pleasant experience. You can persuade even a pair of Jeans to try on. You hesitate and finally denied the purchase. However, the emancipatory and erotic potential of this scene.

The novel “The summer of my mother” is already on the first pages of a nifty action and relationship arrangement to be expected. No wonder the literary veteran Ulrich Woelk, 58, has already been awarded in 1990 for his debut “free gear” with the “aspects”literature prize and, most recently, with the crime of “Pentecostal victims” (2015) and the novel “night without angels” (2017) on the book market and succeeded.

a Few pages later, we learn how Eva and her husband Walter in bed denied:

“I’m not Allowed to say what I want?”
“puts me under pressure.”
“is It what I want.”
“And I don’t want it so often,” said my mother.
said, “But You want it
not ” my father.

In this bedroom interview, Eva also mentioned jealous? – the straight next door fed neighbor, Mrs. Leinhard, who had gone to the father in the Transport of beverage crates.

Develops the story to a woohoo of the neighboring pairs of? They represent very different Milieus: Walter, as an engineer officer, and Eva, a housewife and mother of Tobias, enjoyed the rather staid time. Especially in comparison to Uschi, the Translator, and her husband, the lecturers at the Uni, and their almost 13-year-old, precocious daughter, Rosa.

Opposition of culture and technology

Tobias, from whose perspective the events are told, noticed the difference the fact that Uschi Leinhard wearing Jeans. Pink sets will be more focused, she says to Tobias, her parents were Communists, and Communists: “my name is Rosa due to Rosa Luxemburg.” The space enthusiasts, Young takes it irritated note also that she takes it from him-made model of a Saturn V rocket on the occasion of the war to the United States in and against Vietnam, denounce, exceeds its horizon.

“The summer my mother” is a specifically dated, because Tobi and his father, always follow the sequence of the Apollo moon exploration in 1969. So Woelk knows, he has studied his literary career in astrophysics. This has been beaten about in his books “The loneliness of the astronaut” (2005), or “clear”.

author Woelk

Ambitious Woelk uses his new novel to outline sensibilities and mentalities of the sixties: The conservative and slightly uptight Habitus of technical intelligence, he reflects on the illusory, to change Society urge the ideology of the cultural sphere by the Translator, Uschi and her left-philosopher-man. “Philosophy. Bloch, Adorno. The Frankfurt school…” explains Wolf, the woman, and his profession. He looks through “a rimless glasses, smoke Filterless Gitanes, wearing a turtleneck sweater,” and continues with “a wine-red Volvo”.

But such stereotypes and clichés-not to replace the necessary psychological persons characterization, the Woelk can consistently miss. As he makes the all-too-plates of the Opposition of culture and technology too easily.

In addition, the decision to choose an eleven-year-old boy to witness and narrator of acts, more than once, strange. The scenario is also extended by the reactionary uncle Hartmut, the Dive bomber pilots in the Second world war, Eva and her husband is rewarded with a Citroen 2 CV, Pink, the Doors and Janis Joplin hangs up, when you squats with Tobi – so there is hardly a requisite of those years is omitted: All of this makes the novel too much mechanical clatter.

DISPLAY Ulrich Woelk:
The summer of my mother

C. H. Beck Verlag; 189 pages; 19.95 Euro

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Tobi and his mother, the moon landing of the Apollo 11 miss. Both experience instead of a sexual Initiation. The consequences are serious, it comes to a dramatic resolution of the neighborhood.

The epilogue-like last Chapter makes the adult astrophysicist Tobias, who is now working at the European space Agency, the reading of a successful author visit of erotic novels called Pink Leinhard. She doesn’t recognize him. An indication that the memory of his own childhood love of the author Ulrich Woelk the distance has neglect, which would have done the novel.

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