A flight from the US state of New Jersey to Hong Kong was good for 250 passengers to an ordeal. In bitter cold they had to endure about 16 hours on Board a machine of United Airlines, as, among other things, the transmitter is the CBC reported. Accordingly, the machine because of a medical Emergency in the canadian town of Goose Bay between the landing had to.

A passenger was taken to the hospital. But the machine could not fly due to a technical problem. Apparently, the cold had a door freeze. According to CNN and CBC, and the outdoor temperature was minus 30 degrees Celsius. Because in Goose Bay at night, no customs officers are in use, they were not allowed to leave the passengers on the plane.

It was quickly became “uncomfortable” cold, said a passenger to the channel CBC. The Crew had distributed Blankets, but that didn’t brought much. Said to CNN Dutt, also the food had become scarce. Only hours later, the Donuts and coffee of a fast food were brought, therefore, chain.

On Sunday morning, then landed a replacement machine. The passengers had to change trains and were taken to the airport in Newark – where your machine on the previous day was started.

In large Parts of Canada, particularly in the East, Mr the weekend and dominated the icy temperatures. Snowfall led to traffic jams at several airports flights had to be cancelled.


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