you will work-regardless of your industry, your job profile looks like today is probably different than even a few years ago. Not only do you now have new technologies, they also operate in a fast-paced world, the new skills, calls and different Thinking required. And you know that In a few years time everything is likely to be different again.

Who wants in on this in the future on the labour market, have to form continually. Since last year, the MIRRORS ACADEMY – a joint bid for the MIRROR group and the prestigious SRH offers you about remote University – a variety of certificate courses, with issues around the digital world: from Digital Business Management, Data and Marketing, Management, and Professional Communication.

In January, two more courses will be added now, which will help you to survive in the digital world of work. From now on, you can make in terms of “Cyber Security in the Internet of Things” and “Digital Leadership & Transformation” and, thus, advantages in the labour market provide – in addition to the professional, from home and on your own schedule.

“Digital Leadership & Transformation”: Lead employees through the digital Transformation

most of the Start are designed Nowadays-ups from the outset for the digital world. You put on digital business models and have the necessary agile structures in order to survive in the market. Meanwhile, established companies often find it hard to adapt to the new realities, and thus lose unnecessary market share to smaller players.


“In times of change and Disruption, if the business collapse models and hierarchies are resolved, employees are confused often. Therefore, it is especially on a: good leadership,” says Helene Endres, editor of the “Harvard Business Manager” and an expert of the LEVEL ACADEMY. This good leadership can be learned – for example, in the certificate course on “Digital Leadership & Transformation”.

Of course, management personnel and aspiring professionals familiar with the Management of digital transformation processes. Among other things, participants will find answers to the following questions: What leadership principles apply in the digital world? What are the qualifications need to bring new employees? How to improve a company its Position in the competition for the best professionals? And: How business models work in three, five or ten years?

“Cyber Security in the Internet of Things”: the Internet of things safe from cyber attacks

In the coming years, the Internet of Things (IoT) is an ever-increasing role in more and more industries are to play. Alone behind the term “industry 4.0” is a medium-sized Revolution, the business change models and work processes will be completely turned upside down. Thus, also an increased risk for the cyber security of small and large companies, as well as the whole Internet is connected.


Because, as Patrick Beuth, editor in the Department of network world in the case of SPIEGEL ONLINE, says: “In a networked global society, IT Security is more than self-protection – that have shown spectacular attacks in the recent past. The security of your own systems also protects the Ecosystem of the Internet as a Whole.”

In the certificate course on “Cyber Security in the Internet of Things” to learn what risks you have to expect, and how you professionally with these risks, deal with it. You will learn the vulnerable points of industrial IoT solutions and projects to protect the shape. And you get a glimpse of the challenges faced by modern Cyber Security in the future.

the study looks at the MIRROR ACADEMY

On the MIRROR-ACADEMY of learning in distance education: The courses are designed to six months and can be started at any. Where, when, and how fast you learn, you can adjust accordingly to your personal needs.

the courses will be Moderated by professors of our partner SRH remote University. The scientific content is complemented by a MIRROR-expert through Video and Podcast Tutorials, as well as thematic dossiers. As a unique offer in the wide range of theoretical Knowledge, years of teaching experience and practical digital Expertise complement each other perfectly.

The MIRROR ACADEMY-mediated content are all well-founded academically. In addition, all the courses are approved by the state: in addition to the final grade you get ECTS credits which can be credited to a subsequent course of studies – and indeed in the whole of Europe. And Best of all, training like this can easily tax-deductible.

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Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.