In Naples to organize the people Pro-Pasta demonstrations, in Aquila infuriated Housewives were a Petition for the preservation of the pastry Tradition. And in Turin the most famous chefs in the country to discuss on a hurriedly convened Congress on the pros and Cons of the noodle.

Even on the other end of the world, the emotions are running high As words can’t do anything, throw it at the employees of two neighboring Italian restaurants in San Francisco, California, with pans and food, several people are injured. So the man who is responsible for the whole mess to: top futurist Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, his Disciples called only “F. T.” have explained it, full of Pride.


Whole volumes could be filled with the “Explosion of absurdities” that occurred with his approach, wrote the Poet, in 1932, in his book, “The futuristic kitchen”. No wonder: He had it out for a national Shrine of the Italians – the Pasta. 15. November 1930, the corpulent announced the bald man by radio address:

“So, you comfortable may be for the palate: The noodle is a food of yesterday, because it makes sluggish, and ugly, their nutritional value is deceiving, because it’s true, skeptical, slow, pessimistic. The Patriot preferred instead of rice.”

For the “contempt of the woman”

Marinetti in Milan, the Restaurant “The goose feather was sitting that evening with like-minded people in the mail” to the table, the microphone stand between avant-garde delicacies, such as roses Bouillon, dawn salad and cotton candy-rain. The “race to infuse new heroic and dynamic forces”, required a “complete renewal of the Italian art of cooking”, was the writer. And a country started wide storm of protest.

Of their futurists, the Italians were already accustomed to mention In his “Manifesto” of 1909, Marinetti had glorified war as “the only Hygiene of the world”, the man sung, and the “contempt of the woman”. The millionaire’s son had also called for libraries to burn down and flood the museums; the “venerable cities” of Italy should be ripped with a pickaxe and axe.

Particularly fervently of the futuristic avant-garde hated the lagoon city of Venice, the epitome of morbid pre-partism. “To pour the stinking channels,” raged Marinetti in 1910 and left his Pamphlet of 200,000-fold from the Venetian clock tower, the tourists rain down. In his poems he imitated artillery noise, and machine guns, in 1918, F. T., founded “” even a futuristic party you went a little later in the movement of his friend Benito Mussolini.

sexfeind advanced dough

were The futurists pesteten against the Pope, the king and the marriage, they sang the song of songs on the machines and motors, high-speed, destruction, and death. All of these provocations had accepted the Italians more or less stoically – with the campaign against the noodle, however, the riot artists had overstepped the mark.

far and wide Pasta-friends went to the barricades. In Rome, published in chefs in an opinion for the noodle, scolded the mayor of Naples, that the “angels in Paradise nothing but Vermicelli with tomato sauce to eat”. What countered Marinetti with the saying: “it proves the little upturn in the monotony of Paradise and the life of angels.”

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to take his opponents to the Wind out of the sails, order, Marinetti published a flood of pseudo-expertise, the warned unanimously in front of the food. Professor Nicola Pende claimed, the noodle Rob the Italians of the man force – “because the complained and cramped stomach is never the physical passion for the woman, and the ability to have them straight, conducive.”

Even the international press reported extensively on the Pasta Posse: “Marinetti attacked macaroni as a curse in Italy”, wrote the “New York Times” and the “Chicago Tribune”: “Italy could abolish the Spaghetti.” The London “Times” went in several articles on the plans of the futurists, and the whole of the Italian art of cooking wanted with the pasta right at the collar.

way with a knife and fork

In his “Manifesto of futurist cuisine”, released on 28. December, 1930 in the Turin, “Gazzetta del Popolo”, Marinetti not only to “the abolition of Pastasciutta, this absurd Religion of the Italian gastronomy”, the do Italy from foreign wheat. He urged for the long term, the abolition of any meals through the use of a powder food:

“we Take the chemicals in, the duty: to spread the body with the necessary calories through food equivalents, free of charge by the state, in powder or pill form, which contain protein-like substances, synthetic fats and vitamins.”

In his future obsession blusters Marinetti even “diet waves on the Radio”. Until the science was ready, should normally be eaten – but please without a knife and fork. Also, political discussions, wanted to banish the futurists from the dining table; they called for the use of food accompanying odors, poetry, and music.

Never again noodles! Top Futurist Filippo Tommaso Marinetti 1934

Even concrete proposals of the menu contained the “Manifesto of futurist cuisine”: Instead of Saltimbocca, Minestrone, and tiramisu, it is recommended that the Italians creations such as “Alaskan salmon in the rays of the sun with Mars sauce”, the “meat in plastic” or “Equator + the North pole”.

to look Like the ideal kitchen of the future, was on display in Turin: At the 8. March, 1931, was opened in Via Vanchiglia 2, the “tavern of the Holy palate” – Italy’s first and only futurism Restaurant. An event that put an enlightened (or already drunk) editor of the “Stampa” in his epoch-making significance of with the “discovery of America, the storming of the Bastille, of the peace of Vienna and of the Treaty of Versailles”.

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no fewer than 14 courses, the guests were taken on this day, in the aluminum-clad palate, the temple passed from the “sun’s soup” on the “food landscape” to the “Fiat chicken” (with steel balls filled). The undisputed highlight of the menu: The “Tangible air dining with the sounds and smells”.

Hard-to-digest ball bearings

With the right Hand of the eater Olive, fennel, and candied fruit to the mouth, but he stressed at the same time with the left Hand on a “non-rectangle” of red silk, black Velvet and glass paper. To do this, the waiter perfume sprayed into the air, and played a Wagner Opera. With sacred seriousness were served in Turin is the most absurd dishes. Really good you came.

Clara Grifoni, actually, a loyal futurist-girlfriend, wrote on the menu: “tonight, I had to let the third gastric lavage wash over me – yet it seems as if the ball bearings don’t have to leave my guts.”

So huge, the futurists with their Sermon of race, war, and economic self-sufficiency to the fascist Horn blew: the large kitchen revolution, Mussolini’s Italy was not have to. Soon, the Turin went to the tavern broke. And Marinetti stumbled over your own cravings: A photographer F. T. caught in flagrante delicto during the removal of an impressive noodle mountain in the Milan Restaurant, “Biffi”.

“photo montage!”, the top Futurist bleated, to no avail. His crusade against the Pasta he had lost – unmoved you Muncher noodles in the boot state. What didn’t hurt the Libido, according to Catherine Deneuve: “The Italians”, the Diva imputed saying, “only two things in mind. The other is Spaghetti.”

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