In Tokyo, is a 21-Year-old in the new year lot of dangers night with a car targeted in a people. In the case of the incident ten minutes after midnight on a busy shopping street in the Japanese capital, eight people were injured, local media reported.

The young man attacked on the road another people and injured. A student was injured, according to police difficult and had to be operated on in the hospital.

The driver was arrested. He was killing with the “intent to” in the crowd of the dangers, said a police spokesman. The 21-Year-old had told the police that he wanted to commit a terrorist attack, reported the Japanese news Agency Kyodo. Therefore, he wanted to avenge himself “for an execution”.

The Japanese broadcaster NHK, according to the driver, the police said he did not want to practice “in retaliation for the death penalty”. More detailed information on his subject of the man made accordingly. It is unclear yet whether the alleged anger of the husband against a single execution, or against the System of death penalty was addressed. Against him is now being investigated for attempted murder.

As the third largest Economy in the world, Japan ranks as one of the few industrialised countries to retain the death penalty. Only last week, the conservative government had to death two convicted murderers executed in July, several members of the apocalyptic sect Aum Shinrikyo end of the strand, which had shocked 23 years ago, with a deadly poison gas attack in Tokyo’s subway to the country.

the International criticism of the death penalty makes the government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to bounce off. Human rights activists have decried for years dealing with executions and prison conditions in Japan – so the death is not communicated to the candidate, the date of their execution. The prisoners Condemned to death, often live for years in solitary confinement. Since Abe took office in December 2012, 36 people have been executed.


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