The tension between Canada and China after the temporary arrest of Huawei chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou. As the canadian foreign Ministry announced on Thursday, is still missing after the arrest of a canadian in China, a second AU pair in the country. There is no contact to Michael Spavor could be made, after this had been questioned by Chinese authorities. Chinese state media spoke of an investigation because of a threat to “national security”.

Spavor is a China living an entrepreneur. He gives tours to North Korea for sporting, tourist, cultural and business purposes. Spavor was, among other things, known, as he arranged to Meet Ex-basketball star Dennis Rodman with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Un. A few years ago published in North Korean state media photos of Spavor with Kim.

Missing after a survey

“The canadian citizen Michael Spavor is currently missing in China,” said a spokesman for the canadian foreign Ministry on Thursday in writing. “We can not contact him, since he let us know that he is being questioned by the Chinese authorities.”

Prior to the announcement of Spavors identity of Canada had said foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland at a press conference, the government of Canada attempts to determine the whereabouts of nationals in China. The case has also been compared to the Chinese government.

calls to Spavors mobile phones remained unanswered. The attempt to reach by telephone the office of the organization, was unsuccessful. A state news Agency in the northeastern Chinese province of Liaoning reported that the state security had opened an investigation against Spavor. It is suspected of “activities that harm China’s national security”.

No justification for the arrest

on Monday, the former canadian Diplomat Michael Kovrig had been taken during a trip to China. He is a member of the International Crisis Group (ICG), a foreign policy known in NGO circles. He lives in Hong Kong.

The Chinese authorities have not yet made any information on the reasons for his arrest. Chinese media reports that accused him of also activities that endanger China’s national security. Such formulations are often used to describe espionage allegations.

experts and friends were Kovrigs arrest as a retaliation for the arrest of Huawei chief financial officer Meng in Canada (more Background here). The top Manager of the Chinese technology group Huawei on 1. December in Vancouver. The USA accuse her of violations of the Iran sanctions, and calling for their extradition. The arrest infuriated the Chinese government.

The 46-year-old Meng has been released against the payment of a million bail and under strict conditions. The extradition process is still ongoing.

the Last U.S. President Donald Trump hinted he might intervene in the case, in order to facilitate the trade talks of his country with China. Canada’s foreign Minister, Freeland criticized this: “Our delivery partner should not try to politicize the delivery process.”


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