During a service trip to South Africa, the AfD has participated in the Bundestag, Petr Bystron, apparently, to the paramilitary Exercises of a right-wing organization. As the ARD magazine “Report Mainz” reported, confirmed Bystron, the AfD-Chairman of the foreign Affairs Committee of the Bundestag, the Meeting with the group “Suidlanders”.

“I felt that the is an organization of predominantly white farmers, who are afraid for their lives and organize themselves in order to survive, should it come to the worst,” said Bystron the TV magazine.

The “Suidlanders” are open exclusively to white South Africans and maintain a racially-based ideology. The group prepares according to the report, a race war and the para’s to keep and therefore military Exercises.

Bystron confirmed to reporters, to have a shot. “Yes, of course. I’m a hunter,” said Bystron.

According to his own representation, representatives of the ruling party, the ANC, as well as non-governmental organisations met Bystron on his trip to South Africa.


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