Spain has been worried to a two-year-old boy fell while Playing in the municipality of Totalán in a 110-Meter-deep well shaft. Helpers are trying tirelessly, the little Julen in the 25 cm wide slot track.

On Wednesday the newspaper “El País wrote the information”, citing police, that “biological Remains” had been found in the shaft. It was hair, said a local politician in the Spanish media. The investigators assumed that they come from the lost child. Laboratory investigations should now be able to bring certainty. Whether Julen is still alive, is still unknown.

The little Boy is supposed to be like on Sunday during a trip with his family in the municipality of Totalán in the province of Málaga in the hole. Camera shots from the Bay had shown a bag of sweets, which should have had the Boy. However, loose earth and prevented, first of all, with the camera deeper.

the inclusion of the narrow borehole, in which the Young fell

rescue workers are busy, two tunnels to dig, which should lead directly to the end of the well shaft. The Work would probably not be completed before Thursday night, it said.

the father of The missing child, stressed in an Interview with the local newspaper “Diario Sur”, that he was convinced that Julen had fallen into the shaft: “My son is here, no one should take that into doubt,” he said.

He and his wife had spent the day together with a friendly Couple who have a two year old daughter. You have prepared a Paella, his son was only four or five meters away from him. He had just thrown wood into the fire, as the child suddenly started walking. “The Boy, the Boy!” I called his wife, because she was afraid that the Little stumble could. Then you would have seen both, how to Julen in the hole had fallen. He had he heard his son cry, then nothing more.

On a mid-morning press conference that was convened, the father thanked the volunteers on-site. On the question of how the past few hours felt for him, he said: “Like months.” The hope of his son alive again, give him power.



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