Between the palm trees and green hills, to a small Parking lot in Totalán, about 15 kilometres from the coastal town of Málaga, speaks José Roselló-in microphones. “We still have hope that he’s alive,” he says quietly.

last Sunday, Rosellós son Julen on a Finca should be removed, just a few kilometres from the Parking lot, in a 110-Meter-deep well shaft like. The family have spent the day with friends, the children played on the Meadow, close to the adults cooked a Paella. Both Roselló, as well as his wife Victoria María García had seen how the two year in the hole had fallen. Only they had heard him cry, then it was silent.


More than a hundred helpers from the fire brigade, the police, civil protection, universities, and domestic and foreign companies have been working on Julens rescue. Over 60 companies from all over the world to have offered their aid, were reported to the police. For more than three days, you try to reach the child who is suspected in about 80 meters of depth. So far, without success.

Roselló thanks for the sympathy, for the use of rescue workers, for the reporting of the media. With swollen eyes he looks to the ground, he barely manages to look up when he answered the questions of the journalists. As the last 72 hours for him to have feels? “Infinitely,” he says. “My wife is at the end, we are at the end. But we have hope.”

Hilly landscape makes the search

It is not the first Time that José Roselló fears for the lives of his children. In may 2017 Julens older brother Oliver died a failure, as he was three years old – for a walk on the beach, in the heart. “We have an angel who will help us, that my son is alive and as quickly as possible out of there,” says the father. “And we know that everything Possible is being done.”

police officers in yellow vests, the roads around the accident. You conduct the car, the large, orange load, and dredging through the switchbacks. Onlookers, there are a few, because there is nothing to see: The road to the Finca is closed, drilled and dug in the shelter of a hill. Only from the other side of the mountain and with a matching lens, a view on the use of would catch.

Two tunnels are currently being dug, in an attempt to reach the young of different directions. The hilly landscape and the Narrowness of the hole complicates the situation. Spanish media reports that it’s supposed to be like for the digging of the well shaft, in the Julen, no approval. Why the hole was open, is still unclear.

First hoax circulated already

One of the helpers – a man who works in a local company, and already on Sunday voluntarily reported – said to journalists that the rescue operation was highly organized and professional. “For three days, the assistants who work there without a break,” he says. “Many of them are parents themselves. Nobody goes home to rest. We take personally what is happening up there.”

Nevertheless, much is still unclear. Experts speculate whether it is realistic that the two-year-old have after 72 hours in such a depth there is enough oxygen. And how he might fall over? The first wrong message, Julen had been found, circulated already.

On Tuesday evening, the rescue workers assumed that Julen will be within 24 to 48 hours. Ángel Vidal, one of the engineers in the use, said the newspaper “El País”, you know, what kind of Material you will meet in the holes. The make it difficult to make exact predictions about the further course.

What to give him in these hours strength, it will ask father José Roselló in the Parking lot. “We will not stop until we have found my son.”

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