With a landmark judgment, has expressed the Federal court of justice, to contribution increases for private health insurance. Increases are therefore not automatically void because the Trustees consider the increase for the health insurance funds and approve, are probably not independent.

A privately insured had brought proceedings before the regional court in Potsdam against the contribution of Axa-insurance increases. The court noted that the Trustee had considered the contribution increases to, and approved, referred to the high remuneration from the insurer and a pension of a with Axa affiliated companies. As a result, the district court had explained that the increases were invalid and sentenced to the insurance group-Contribution refunds.

This judgement, the Federal judge lifted now. You referred to but the fact that the civil courts would have to examine in such a dispute the legality of the contribution increases. Alone the question of the independence of the Trustee is not sufficient to overturn the increases in court.


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