The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has increased with statements about the murder case of Jamal Khashoggi, the pressure on Saudi Arabia and the king’s house, to clarify the involvement of crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in the killing of the Saudi journalists. “I wait patiently”, – quotes the Turkish newspaper Yeni Şafak, the head of state said during the return flight of the commemorations for the end of the First world war in Paris.

Erdoğan told the journalists accompanying the Federal President according to the newspaper, also about the Details of the audio recording of his security services of Khashoggis killing. “The recording is truly awful”, said the President. “In fact, the Saudi service officials who heard the recording of the Laundry in Secret, so shocked, that he said: ‘This has probably taken Heroin. Only someone on Heroin would do that.'” Information about how and when the Saudi intelligence officers abhörte the recording, made by the Turkish President, the newspaper report says.

“tell your boss”

Khashoggi served as a consultant, then a critic Salman’s – was according to Turkish information on 2. October at the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul by an extra from the UK have travelled in command from 15 persons had been strangled. Then his body is cut up and dissolved in an acid. The Royal house in Riyadh confirmed the killing of the 59-year-old journalist who had written after his escape to the USA for the Washington Post, after weeks of denials, but denies that the command was given by crown Prince Bin Salman.

According to the New York Times, however, there is strong evidence of involvement of the Saudi crown Prince. As the newspaper reported, US intelligence service circles, particularly, the statement of a member of the command, which is supposed to have killed Khashoggi, as remarkable. The man should have after the fact in the beginning of October, a supervisor on the phone said that he would give “his boss”, writes the New York Times. In order for assessments is meant to suggest that Bin Salman, even if it is not mentioned by name. “A call like this is as close to a solid proof, as he can be,” said former CIA officer Bruce O. Riedel the sheet.

of Canada, heard of the secret services recordings

It was Erdoğan who had confirmed the existence of audio recordings of the assassination Khashoggis for the first time. The records, it said the head of state on the last Saturday in Ankara, was shared with a number of countries – along with Saudi Arabia, the USA, the UK and Canada also in Germany. In a commentary for the Washington Post, he had written a short time before, the command for the killing of the dissidents had come “from the highest levels of the Saudi government”.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, as the first Western head of state or government confirmed that the intelligence belongs to the service of his country recordings of the killing Khashoggis. Canada had been fully informed of “what had to admit Turkey,” he said during his visit in Paris. The Federal government was yet covered, and spoke only of an “intelligence exchange” in the German and Turkish intelligence services. Details were not disclosed.

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