In the case of the death of saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi, have delayed the investigation by Turkish officials, according to media reports. The police forces wanted to investigate a diplomatic car of the Saudi Consulate, was discovered on Monday morning in a car Park. The Consulate had been, however, no immediate consent, as the TV station NTV reported. The officials had been allowed, according to the channel CNN Turk, to examine the vehicle only on Tuesday.

diplomatic car in the Parking garage

The seconded Diplomats is in the focus of the investigation into the case of the killed journalists Khashoggi advised of the disappeared, after the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul on 2. October entered. The government in Riyadh had claimed for weeks to have nothing to do with the Disappearance. Turkish officials access to the Consulate was initially denied.

A background report on the case, you can read here.

Recently it was said that Khashoggi had come during a brawl at the Consulate to death. Turkish authorities, however, Khashoggi had been killed by a 15-member, Saudi-Arabia, flown in special force.

man has apparently left the Consulate in Khashoggis clothing

International has been included in the statement of Saudi Arabia for the death of journalists is critical. The British foreign Minister, Jeremy Hunt, said the details of “a credible explanation”. U.S. President Donald Trump called the statements “unsatisfactory”. “I’m not satisfied with what I’ve heard,” said Trump on Monday in Washington before a campaign trip to Texas. The President promised: “We will go to the bottom of it.” In the coming days will be more about the case known.

He also had to have after the death of Khashoggis with the Saudi crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, MbS, on the phone. Trump and MbS actually have a close political relationship.


Also seem to become more Details about the case known. A CNN report, a man after the alleged time of the crime to have left the Consulate in Kashoggis clothes. The TV report shows surveillance camera footage of the alleged “Doubles”. Later, the man should have changed his clothes in a public toilet at the Sultan Ahmed mosque.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan declined to comment on Tuesday morning.


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