The decision of the government of Kosovo to create own army, has taken care of on Monday evening a commotion in the security Council of the United Nations. Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic called the step a threat to peace and stability in the Region – as well as Russia’s UN representative Vasily Nebensja. In the special session of the highest UN body on the situation in Kosovo, Vucic and Kosovo President Hashim Thaci clashed several times.

Thaci defended the decision of the Parliament in Pristina as “not exceptional” and as a “natural step”. Vucic dismissed the “so-called sovereign right” of Kosovo to a regular army. The security Council must curb the country “” and “tame”. He referred, as well as the Russian Nebensja on the still valid UN Resolution 1244 from 1999, with the Kosovo war was terminated and transferred, among other things, the international Kosovo peacekeeping force Kfor have the mandate to maintain law and order.

Nebensja warned of a “Situation that could explode at any time”. In contrast, the United States supported at the meeting of the security Council, the plans of Kosovo.

Kosovo President Hashim Thaci at the UN

the realignment of The existing civil protection unit of Kosovo had outraged Serbia and Russia and the Western partners of the small Balkan country raised concerns. According to the previous plans, the future army of Kosovo should be 5000 men strong. Serbia has, according to various sources, between 40,000 and 50,000 men under arms. Serbia’s President, Vucic said he was “very worried, very worried and even a little scared” about the effects of a Kosovo army in the Region.

The large majority of the population is Albanian, Kosovo had previously belonged to Serbia and, in the war of 1999 for its independence, fought. Officially, Kosovo is since 2008 independent, and is recognized by more than hundred States. Serbia recognized the secession of its former province, never, and considers Kosovo still as his territory. Currently, slightly more than 100,000 Serbs still living in Kosovo.

“As you know, the Serbs are a very proud people…”

“If Kosovo has made a mistake, then, that we have waited five years for the creation of an army”, said Thaci. The army would help with the “soldiers of peace” to stability in the Region.

According to Serbian media reports, called on Vucic, the UN urges more involvement in the Kosovo conflict and announced “of course,” the continuation of the Dialogue. But: “As you know, the Serbs are a very proud people and we can accept no humiliation. We will be available to anyone in the world, no matter how big you are and how small we are.”


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