came to The rescue after just three days, as long As a cleaner firmly sat unnoticed in an Elevator in the house of a billionaire in New York. The 53-Year-old was left on Friday stuck between two floors, such as, among other things, the “New York Times” reported. The cause, therefore, is so far unclear.

The billionaire had been with his family for a longer weekend except house, – was stated in the report of the newspaper. On Monday, a supplier contacted the owner of the house who have, in turn, sent a family member to the address in Manhattan – only then the emergency call had been elected.

The fire brigade, the woman freed on Monday morning at 10 o’clock. She was reported to be in “good health”, was brought to safety, but in a hospital.

should Now be resolved, why no one noticed the Defect of the Elevator and the alarm button didn’t work, it said. The Lift in the town house in Manhattan had only been in the last July and have not objected to be inspected, reported the “NYT” relying on the information provided by the city.

The billionaire and his wife shared in a statement, the woman is already working for 18 years for the family. The background of this “unfortunate incident” would now be examined to ensure that something like this happens again.


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