archaeologists are tiles in Krefeld approximately 500-year-old floor with fir-Tree motif encountered.

“Ironically, in the run-up to Christmas such a Fund is of course something Special,” said city archaeologist Hans Peter Schletter on Thursday. The well-preserved, glazed floor tiles were used in the excavation of a medieval manor from the deeper layers of the earth to the light.

Decorated Christmas tree in the 19th century. Century

their high quality, let to a wealthy, probably noble family close. They probably originated from the time of the end of the 15th century., At the beginning of the 16th century. Century. “Whether it is actually a Christmas motif, we can not say so shortly after the Fund, of course. To me, such a representation from the other grave is not currently known,” said Schletter.

the age of the tiles falls in the beginning of the Christmas tree custom. The sale of fir trees as Christmas trees in Strasbourg for 1539 handed down. The global spread of the decorated Christmas tree was in the 19th century. Century.


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