tragedy in Mexico: an Explosion At a gasoline pipeline at least 21 people have been killed. At least 71 others were injured in the accident, informed the Governor of the state of Hidalgo, Omar Fayad, on Friday evening (local time). The attention was now to the injured, according to Fayad. He was on the way to the scene of the accident, the Governor.

In the vicinity of the Pipeline would have been, therefore, at the time of the Explosion several Hundred people, local media reported. On the line in the town of Tlahuelilpan had formed previously a leak, residents of the area approached to carry fuel in buckets or canisters.

cause of Explosion still unclear

How it came exactly to the Explosion was not immediately clear. On the video recordings was to see how after the Explosion, panic at the scene of the accident, prevailed. People ran away screaming from the fuel line. The Pipeline flames in the height. The fire spread to the scene of the accident. Forces closed off the area. Mexico’s President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador called on the government to support the people in the affected Region. The fire was extinguished late on Friday evening.

special forces were at the scene of the accident, such as the state oil company, Pemex said. In addition, eleven were in the ambulance. The injured with severe burns were taken to hospitals in the capital, Mexico city, Pemex. From the capital, the rescue would have sent a helicopter, said mayor Claudia Sheinbaum. Tlahuelilpan the capital, is located about 85 kilometers to the North.

gasoline theft is a big Problem in Mexico

On Friday afternoon, had been reported, according to the TV channel “Milenio TV” a leak in the line. Pemex said that it was an illegal Extraction test on the Pipeline between the cities of Tuxpan and Tula.

gasoline theft is a large Problem in Mexico. According to Pemex figures, it was tried in the past year, every 30 minutes, illegally one of the Pipelines to tap into. Hidalgos Governor is not called after the accident the population to participate in the gasoline Theft. Life is dangerous, warned Fayad on Twitter. “This is happening today in Tlahuelilpan, and it must not be repeated.”

The government since the end of December against fuel theft and had already some of the lines close. The Fuel is now transported in guarded by tank trucks. At gas stations in the Latin American country in recent weeks, long queues.


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