the excitement in Hannover: At the airport, the number of German tourists are familiar with as the starting point of your holiday, it came on Saturday afternoon. A young man had broken his car to the Perimeter of the Airfield and a runway of a landing plane was crashed afterwards. The flight was then been for several hours to set. Now planes are not permitted to start in Hanover, Germany, and land.

“has not been one incident in the entire history of the airport,” said the managing Director of Airports, Raoul Hille. The man has broken after the first findings against 15.30 o’clock a gate to the apron. “How, is not yet clear,” the spokesman said. There, the man tried, therefore, a country to follow the plane of the Greek Airline Aegean. He had then been out of the patrol car and taken into custody stopped. The Aegean-Jet remained undamaged.

The airport was the first incident of the flight operation. Were affected at least 13 take-offs and 21 landings, delayed or whose Jets were diverted. What time is the flight operations should be resumed, was initially unclear. Check-in to delivery in the evening.

Hanover airport on Saturday afternoon

What, exactly, in the afternoon happened, don’t know the impatient waiting passengers in Terminal B for a long time. Everywhere queues at the Check-ins. Also in the early evening, the Tatfahrzeug, a silver BMW, still in the Northern area of the airport in the vicinity of the Towers on the apron. Explosives experts and other emergency workers examine the car down to the smallest Detail. A routine measure, the police said.

it is Clear in the evening, at least: the driver of The BMW was under the drug. Fast test for cocaine and amphetamine were positive. Notes on a terrorist Background. Speculation about a motive for the act, but also not.

the tarmac of the airport of Hannover

Federal police spokesman Jörg Ristow says, it still needed to be clarified, how the man managed the gate in the fence to break through. The officials suspect that it is a single offender, with no signs of accomplices. The identity of the man to check the investigators – to handle the Europeans, about the middle of 20. Papers he had. Also, weapons are not. The car had a Polish registration plate. It was not, however, exclude the possibility that the man was not a Pole.

“have resorted to The safety standards,” says Ristow, shortly before 20 PM, as the situation relaxed again. An advance Patrol of the Federal police had noted the incident, immediately, at once safety measures are taken and the man overwhelmed. “The flight operations will soon start again,” says airport spokesman Sönke Jacobsen. Nevertheless, he is likely to be longer affects: Many Jets were diverted because of the incident to other airports.


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