Actually, they had a year ago everything is quite different when the NFL Team in Indianapolis. Wish coach Josh McDaniels, praised for his innovative offensive concepts, had said the Colts for the upcoming season. McDaniels, the Plan, was injured in the long term, however, a very capable Quarterback Andrew Luck and his Team to lead us back to the old size.

However, on the day prior to his presentation McDaniels made a u-turn and stayed on as the offensive coach for the New England Patriots – a long-time rival. Rather than presenting the beacon of hope, and became the Colts Manager Chris Ballard now, therefore, in the beginning of February of 2018 in front of the TV cameras, tried to explain the Situation, and spoke Out the very specific sentence: “The rivalry is back on” – “The rivalry is back”.

In fact, the Colts and the Patriots were once great rivals. However, while the Patriots had been in February of 2018 just the fourth Time in seven years, in the Superbowl, were tripped by the Colts in the preseason only four meager Wins. Even in the NFL, in which each loser team within a year of the rise to the top can succeed, seemed to be Ballard’s announcement of something full-bodied.

Coach Franck Empire

How well that worked out with the Revival of the old rivalry that is now a year later. The Colts Manager within a few months, several lucky decisions, and built a Team with enormous potential for the future. Instead of McDaniels, he hired the unassuming, but thoughtful Frank rich as a Coach. And almost as important: In the Draft, Ballard secured in the first round of the Talent examine a variety of explanations Nelson.

during his time in College, enchanted, Nelson as a Guard to the experts with a mixture of force and technique. There was in the League, no storming defender, the would be to not pushed by the 150-kilogram colossus to the ground. So Nelson got a task to take: Andrew Luck protect.

A Team on a Mission

Colts Quarterback Luck is not only one of the most expensive players in the League, but certainly also one of the most talented. However, after the initial years in the League, Luck was injured in the past seasons again and again. Especially because his Offensive Line protected him often insufficient. By Nelson that changed fundamentally. He is the Foundation stone was built on the Manager Ballard with good obligations a fortress around his Quarterback.

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It didn’t work right off the bat, with one win in six Games, the start of the season went horribly wrong. However, in the course of the season, the Colts emerged as the hottest Team in the League. Nine of their last ten Matches they won, led by an outstanding Quarterback Luck, who is once again one of the best players in the League.

Now it goes in the first Playoff round against the Houston Texans. Not only with the huge JJ Watt on the defensive counterpart to examine a variety of explanations Nelson, Quarterback Deshaun Watson is playing a strong season. But the Colts are not only younger, and in width more talented than your division rival out of Houston – they are also on a Mission.

Finally, in the case of two Playoff Victories, wait for a very special opponent: The New England Patriots, with Coach Josh McDaniels. At least then it means The rivalry is back.

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