With a sharp Protest, China has responded to allegations of the United States, according to the state hackers in a large-scale cyber-attacks and mass arrest secret data of the companies, research institutions and authorities of the Western States copied.

The accusations by the US authorities had seized “from the air” and a “deliberate defamation,” said the Chinese foreign Ministry on Friday. The Chinese government had never stolen trade secrets, or someone to support.

The action was a “serious impact” on the mutual relations, was quoted by foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying. The U.S. government must “correct wrong behavior immediately”.

The U.S. justice Department had accused the hacker group APT10 and the Chinese Ministry of state security on Thursday in at least twelve countries – including Germany – mass data from government agencies and companies stole. Two Chinese were officially charged. The information suggests that the Chinese hackers managed to gain access to a minimum of 45 U.S. authorities and major technology companies.

The attacks are to be operated for twelve years

take A report from the Reuters news Agency that hackers had entered repeatedly into the computer systems of HP Enterprise (HPE) and IBM, for the actual goals of Cloud or other services. From there, you should have gained access to the companies from such diverse industries as telecommunications, energy, Finance, and biotechnology.

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According to a from Reuters, unnamed insiders were part of several months of access to the systems from IBM and HPE. The two IT companies as mentioned in to Reuters to the report.

In the context of the attacks had been copied by the hackers hundreds of gigabytes of sensitive data, it said. The attacks were probably made in the period between 2006 and 2018.

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