Many parents and educators want more male professionals in day-care centres and kindergartens – however, men have greater difficulty to get into daycare centers in permanent employment. This is the result of a new study of the Delta-Institute for Social – ecological research.

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Accordingly, more than 90 percent of professionals are of the opinion that male educators for the development of children are important. 62 percent of all parents interviewed found that the policy should seek to attract more male educators in Kitas in Berlin. Nevertheless, only 77 percent of the respondents, male skilled workers had a permanent contract in the case of women, it was 91 percent.

“Here, there is a systematic difference in treatment of men,” says Carsten Wippermann, head of the study. His justification: “Although the desire for more male teachers is there a subliminal distrust of men in this women-dominated profession.”

the survey showed that at least 32 percent of the parents have already thought about the risk of abuse by male educators. “That even women could act in child abuse, is hidden often,” says Wippermann.

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