The Nato countries have accused Russia to break with new cruise missiles against the INF disarmament Treaty on nuclear medium-range weapons. We call on Russia to immediately and verifiably back in full observance of the Treaty, said Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg after a meeting of foreign Ministers of the military Alliance.

What are the concrete consequences of this for Nato, Stoltenberg. A Nato response could be, for example, an Expansion of missile defense in Europe.

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that his country was put to the obligations under the contract. His country put Russia in a period of 60 days, in order to keep to the INF Treaty for the renunciation of nuclear medium-range weapons. If Russia does not react to it, the United States, according to Pompeos also no longer linked to, the agreement.

With the INF Treaty Americans and the Russians to abandon, actually, since 1987, on land-based nuclear missiles and cruise missiles with a range of more than 500 kilometers.

According to a mirror report, had disclosed the United States previously within the Nato secret service knowledge. You have shown the partners, a satellite of the film, which documents the trajectory of a land-based Cruise missile SSC-8 with a range of more than the permitted 500 km. In addition, the United States had called the companies that are involved in the development and production of prohibited missiles and Launch facilities.

The current conviction is considered to be a compromise among the Nato partners. US President, Donald Trump had already announced in October, to the INF disarmament Treaty because of the new Russian cruise missiles of the type 9M729 terminate. The government in Moscow would have then only six months time, in order to save by means of a steering angle of the agreement. After this period, the United States could get out, according to the text of the contract.

Nato partners such as Germany feared, however, that this would be a fatal Signal and a new arms race could trigger upgrade. You wanted to use that’s why all the opportunities, in order to save the agreement. Federal foreign Minister Heiko Maas expressed first of all to the debate.

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