the announcement by The United States, from the INF disarmament Treaty with Russia out could cause a new arms race between Moscow and Washington. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced plans to increase the weapons production, should terminate the United States to the disarmament Treaty. For Russia it is a lightweight, land-based weapons systems for medium distances and to site.

Putin reiterated that his country was in breach of the INF Treaty. He insisted on the continued existence of a contractual limitation of nuclear weapons-capable medium-range missiles. “What prevents us from conversations with other countries, in order for this join to the existing contract, or what prevents us to discuss requirements for a new contract,” he said, referring to the United States.

Since the Cold war, other countries of medium-range missiles have been developed. Since they are not among the signatories to the INF Treaty, you are subject to no limits. (Read here, which could mean the end of the INF Treaty for Europe)

US President, Donald Trump had announced at the end of October the withdrawal of the USA from the contract. So far, the USA have not taken this step but still formal. Especially the Europeans want to move to Russia to keep to the contract, in order to prevent a nuclear arms race in Europe.


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