Russia has rejected the dispute about the INF disarmament Treaty for intermediate-range missiles, the Ultimatum of the United States and the criticism of Nato. With the step taken by the government in Washington, tensions, escalated, it said in a statement the President’s office, in the at the same time, allegations against the United States are collected: The government in Washington, manipulated facts, and then self out of the contract get out.

US Secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, had declared on Tuesday at a Meeting of the Nato-Department heads, Russia has 60 days to comply with the agreement. Otherwise, it would take the United States for withdrawal from the agreement.

The Nato foreign Ministers strengthened the US demonstratively the back. You accused Russia, in a formal Declaration, a clear violation of the 1987 between the United States and the Soviet Union, of the agreement. In particular, in Europe, it is feared that a termination of the Treaty could trigger a new arms race.

Russia and the United States had concluded the INF Treaty in 1987, and thus be obliged to destroy the most nuclear and conventional missiles and cruise missiles with shorter and medium range. The destruction of these weapons was mutually controlled.

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