The major German food retailers to introduce a uniform System for posture identification in bovine animals and pig meat as well as poultry.

in order to be able to consumers in Germany, the meat purchasing in the future easier about the conditions in which the animals for slaughter. From 1. April should be introduced in the System in stages – first, in the case of packaged products. The Initiative for animal welfare (ITW) announced, which will be funded from the food retail sector.

Many retail chains had begun in the last few months with the introduction of their own labelling systems in terms of animal husbandry. But this was for the consumer because of the inconsistency of the identification sometimes confusing.

four-tier System

The now of the ITW System developed consists of four stages.

The first stage of “Housing” is only the statutory requirements. Meat, which is characterized with the level 2 “housing plus” that ensures the animals, among other things, more space and additional employment material. Level 3 “the external climate” guarantees that the animals more space and fresh air contact. At level 4, “Premium”, the animals have also opportunities in the Free, organic Meat is classified in this stage. To find

the label was in the future at Aldi, Edeka, Kaufland, Lidl, Netto Marken-Discount, Penny, and Rewe, it said. The System is so designed that it is identification is, in principle, with the proposed state animal welfare-compatible.


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