When the other kids go after a common game in the afternoon to go home, Lily will be very still and sad. Because she has no home of its own more, she lives with her parents in a well-Known.

The “sesame street” picks up with the short films, a topic that has many people in the United States: According to data of the Ministry of health of the United States, more than 2.5 million children are homeless, nearly half of them under six years old. These children are exposed to according to the from the Ministry-funded program, Head Start special physical, emotional and psychological stress situations.

The Lily-movies of the Non-Profit organization Sesame Workshop, which produces the show in the United States, are part of a new Initiative. Lily’s story is so far seen only on a website and in the American Original. The seven-year-old Lily to help children who have experienced similar trauma, to talk about their feelings and experiences.

A spokeswoman for the Sesame Workshop said on the occasion of the presentation of the Initiative: “We want homeless children do not know that you are not alone, and that a home is more than a house or an apartment. A home is where love lives.”

MIRROR TV: live As the homeless children in the United States


Completely new, the figure of the Lily is not. In a Special on children who do not have enough to eat, dipped the doll in the year 2011. Now she donates to children in Need again of comfort.


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