MIRROR ONLINE: Mr. Götte, you want the exposure to fine dust and nitrogen is determined oxides in German cities is different. We should measure ourselves by the quality of the air beautiful?

Matthias Götte: no. I would like to, that we determine on the Basis of similar facts as the air is dirty. According to the EU regulation, the measuring stations, between ten centimeters and ten meters may be from the kerbside. In Vienna, you are much further from the street than in Hamburg. This has consequences: In Austria, there are no Diesel-driving bans in Germany.

To the Person Ulbrich § colleagues Dr. Matthias Götte , Born in 1969, is a lawyer in würzburg firm for architectural and engineering law. He also deals extensively with traffic law. On the traffic law in Goslar, Götte was so strong that pollutants are measured in German cities is different. On Friday, the experts are to vote on Göttes request.

MIRROR ONLINE: Must endure the motorist in this country?

Götte: diesel drivers have a good chance, if they complained against the driving ban. The rules are completely uneven – the legislature leaves too much space.

MIRROR ONLINE: , it Makes a great difference to the measurement result, whether a Station is two or four meters from the road?

Götte: The Bavarian state office for the environment has studied the 2015 the measuring stations in more detail. The result: the greater the distance, the lower the pollutant load. In addition, some monitoring stations are under the trees. There is polluted air mixes well with the clean, the distorted the result.

MIRROR ONLINE: measuring stations in close cities, it is not so easy to set up. Therefore, the legislator granted the rooms are now once a game.

Götte: This is the Problem: In Germany, the vaguely worded EU regulation was adopted, word for word, as a national law. One such grey area is rare in the German law. From our basic law, the so-called Constitution and legal Certainty. Laws must be precisely defined in this claim, the EU regulation is not. My request is to be collected serve to summarize the law precisely, as the measured values. In order to ensure a legally durable driving ban can be established.

MIRROR ONLINE: And your proposal is to implement the Federal government then?

Götte: There is of course no guarantee, however, in the past, the legislature proposals of the traffic court is followed by day often. So, the accompanied Driving from the age of 17 was to the law after it was recommended in Goslar, a few years earlier. I hope that it will be so also in the measurements.

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