the playmaker Martin Strobel will no longer be able to help the German national handball team at the world Cup in Germany and Denmark. The 32-Year-old crack the victory over Croatia in the cross – and inner band of the left knee. “It was very bad, as it has been lifted on the Gurney, because he was screaming in pain,” said national coach Christian Prokop of violation of the game maker.

That his failure means the end Of the German title dreams, doubts Strobel: “I believe in this team and wish the guys for the other tournament that you have to go your way.” During the night of the Banquet after the successful semi-final had passed Strobel of the team. “For me, that was one of the most moving moments I’ve experienced in the Sport,” said DHB Vice President Bob Hanning.

“Martin has brought the national team with great dedication on the way. For this we are grateful to him,” Prokop said of his backcourt players. The national coach was impressed by Strobel’s “a strong character. He has, in spite of the dire diagnosis in front of the troops and for the great time thanks. The absolute size in this heavy Moment.”

Strobel, the game maker of the second-tier club HBW Balingen-because Stetten, was only returned in the autumn to Ask Prokop in the national team and was on the field for the performance of the team and for the important person of trust of the national coach at this world Cup After the failure of Strobel’s nominated Procopius the Lemgoer Tim Suton. The 22-Year-old will already be in the final main round match against Spain on Wednesday (20.30 clock, live Ticker SPIEGEL ONLINE, TV: ARD).

“We want for him, fight and play now, also for him,” said Prokop about Strobel. His teammates spoke of a “huge shock”. Goalkeeper Andreas Wolff said: “We are losing an excellent game maker, but an outstanding human being. I hope that we can get for him the title.”


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