The Bundeswehr has to be little soldiers, and the squad is ageing, they need young talent. But to win this for themselves, is likely to become known in the future even more difficult than in the past. As “Bild am Sonntag” (BamS) reported, citing internal documents of the Ministry of defence, the Bundeswehr, 2020 of 760,000 school, only half of graduates is suitable for the army. The Rest I either don’t have a German passport, do not bring the necessary athletic Fitness, with or reject the military in General.

Of the remaining young people would have to apply under the dash of every four in the army, so that it can meet your needs.

in fact, even now, many departments are vacant. In the army, according to “BamS” around 25,000 Vacancies.

On the personnel issue want to point out this Tuesday, the defence Commissioner of the Bundestag, Hans-Peter Bartels (SPD), in its annual report. “The conscription has been suspended, with no concept of how to cover the personnel requirements,” he said the “BamS”.

Von der Leyen, wants to relieve the Italians, poles and Romanians recruit

the injury crisis in the armed forces, defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) made recently to the proposal that EU-foreigners to enlist. From a confidential Ministry concept, that of the Leyen, especially poles, Italians and Romanians, for your force wants to recruit. You could raise at least ten percent of this group’s interest in the German armed forces, outlined the paper, this would amount to more than 50,000 potential new applicants to the force.

Von der Leyen is planning for several years to open the Bundeswehr for EU-foreigners. Your project was written by the CDU-politician, already in 2016 in the so-called white book, a kind of a government roadmap for the German security policy. Since then, her Ministry is considering how to implement the idea into reality.

Since the abolition of compulsory military service, the Bundeswehr had to join in the fight for school-leavers in the free market; the transition is difficult, most recently, she has therefore invested massively in advertising.

The controversial campaign clearly shows the successes, there have never been so many underage recruits. Since 2011, the number of minors has been years in the German army tripled. According to the Ministry of defence dozens of recruits, even after your trial period is not yet in the past year were of full age.


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