The former Deutsche Börse head Carsten kengeter lead the insider trading affair. Overall, the former top managers will have to pay 4.75 million euros, informed the Prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt. In turn, the determination is discontinued proceedings against him.

He paid a fine of 250,000 euros to a charitable institution. In addition, 4.5 million euros, which he invested by the end of 2015 in German-stock exchanges-the shares go to the state Treasury. The Deutsche Börse was the cost of insider trading affair of 10.5 million Euro, as already before Christmas had been notified.

The authorities had accused of He insider trading. He had bought in mid-December 2015 for 4.5 million euros, 60,000 German-exchange-shares. The group of it Packed in the specially He laced remuneration programme, a total of 69,000 shares.

a Good two months after the stock deal, Deutsche Börse and the London stock exchange LSE made their now failed merger plans to the public, what drove the courses. The investigators throw He, in the summer of 2015, the LSE-leadership talks about led to the merger, and the lucrative share of business in this Know made. Supervisory Board, management Board, and He personally had rejected the allegations.

4.5 million euros, which had He out of his own assets to buy German-stock-exchange shares, will now be confiscated for the benefit of the state. Thus, the acquired assets would pass the benefits from the Insider with him, siphoned off, stated the Prosecutor’s office. He and the Frankfurt district court had agreed to the Deal.

Originally, He better should get away with it. A Deal with the Prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt, after which He self-500,000 Euro and the Deutsche Börse 10.5 million Euro should pay, had failed in October 2017 in accordance with the objection of the competent local court of Frankfurt.

He had given up his Post as Chairman of the Board at the end of the year 2017.


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