oxides of nitrogen extraction in place of older diesel engines by the travel ban: the Plan, the city of Kiel followed with a silver box the size of a delivery truck. The device the company pure Vento is expected to be at the end of January at the Kiel, Theodor-Heuss-Ring between the Dithmarscher street and the Kruse otter way placed directly to a nitrogen oxide measuring station. According to a report from the “Kieler Nachrichten”.

The plant is to stand on a bike path right on the edge of the road, will be diverted over the walkway, however, only in test mode for a few weeks. Thus, the suction behavior is to be determined, the resulting noise and exhaust air, in case of a positive result, then multiple copies could be placed.

no louder than a “busy cafe”

According to the manufacturer, the so-called city air is cleaner, not louder than the “noise of a busy cafe” and should only be used at peak times, and active. Depending on your needs, he cleaned per hour about 40,000 cubic meters of air and to filter out 85 percent of the pollutants from the absorbed air. The necessary intake air flow is according to the manufacturer, approximately as strong as that of a larger vacuum cleaner.


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