The frustration clubs in many of the football is large: There are mainly Volunteer, the waiting, as a Trainer, team supervisor, Cash or passport officer will keep the youth departments on the Run, and they are much too few. The situation has worsened, since many of the refugee children in the clubs. Many are highly motivated and play to live, often in precarious conditions, and some of them have only little knowledge of German.

As part of a football team, with regular joint Training, with tournaments and play, you would be by the way part of society, they would be integrated.

this is exactly not so easy: The application of game passports for foreign members of the Association is a bureaucratic nightmare. And sometimes simply impossible, as SPIEGEL ONLINE reported: Every football club that is represented by only one team, in one of the four highest leagues, not be allowed to take non-German players are new, and in point play. Even if the members are perhaps only eight years old.

Why is there no exceptions?

The football associations could change; an exception to this rules, for example, establish or regulations simplify. The German football Association (DFB) could advertise to the world football Association Fifa and the 21 German regional associations, at least not instruct to tighten the rules.

the policy could put a sign, and the much required Integration in this way facilitate. But nobody wants to use.

the office of Annette Widmann-Mauz, the Federal government Commissioner for Migration, refugees and Integration refers to a LEVEL-request on other projects for the Integration of refugees. You’ve talked with the DFB, and found that the issue was only 127 out of a total of 24.742 Clubs in Germany. So the issue seems to have for the Commissioner for integration and migration done.

A view which ignores the fact that among the 127 also such Clubs as FC Viktoria Berlin. The club has the largest football Department of the German associations with more than 1600 members in 65 different Teams. It is just under 50 youth teams. Also various other clubs with teams in the top four leagues have several hundred youth players. These are also affected by the scheme.

policy: To recognize the refugees are looking for but other clubs

the sports Committee of the German Federal government can tags no Problem. The Chairwoman Dagmar Freitag (SPD), the sports Committee answers have no influence on the decisions of national or even international associations. The children and young people could avoid the clubs concerned, Yes: “In the rest of the well-24.500 mind can kick Combine years of refugees and the Integration of these clubs is not to be lower than in a society with a professional Department,” writes the Committee Chairman.

The Vice-Chairman, Dieter Stier (CDU), tells only that he intended to take this issue to the public and refers to the Association of the autonomy of football federations. Also Committee member Britta Dassler (FDP) sees only the DFB and the Fifa in the responsibility. “I see us as a sports politician in the task is to find ways and improvements to suggest, but not dictate to the federations of their rules and regulations.”

To remedy the maladministration interested in André Hahn (Left) shows only. Although he considers the rules on the protection of Minors is basically a good idea. So far, no criticism or specific questions had been compiled to him. “My request to the football associations and clubs would therefore be, to us as specifically as possible to tell where the Shoe pinches and how the Bundestag and we could help as members of the sports Committee effective here,” said the politician.

No use without a birth certificate the parents

it remains Unclear where the strict requirements come at all: In the Fifa guidelines, they are not to be found, even if the German football Federation (DFB) says. The DFB asserts, for example, that “in none of the cases” such as the birth certificate of the parents will be required.

In the case of various state associations, this requirement can be found. So clubs like Red to confirm-and-White food that you have been prompted, birth certificates and residence permits of the parents, as well as the work permit of a parent and proof of employment to show for it. Also clubs from other associations report that they had to submit the birth certificates of the parents.

no one wants to change something in the location

According to a detailed exchange of questions and answers with the state associations, the Fifa and the DFB, it remains unclear whether the football officials of their own rules, maybe not understand – or whether the associations are overwhelmed with the design.

of course, only one thing is apparent: None of the many associations would like to take responsibility for the own rules. And, quite obviously, neither German politics nor the German football want to change Federal something. A special role is played in addition, the football associations, which will exacerbate the already rigid rules of the DFB once again without Need.

bear the brunt of the club’s employees and volunteers, and must face a seemingly insurmountable bureaucracy. And the refugee children are not allowed to simply play. Integration looks different.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.