In the outskirts of Munich can choose from elementary school students in the future, perhaps between three different toilets: one for girls, one for boys and one for the so-called third sex. Appropriate Considerations, there are media reports, currently, some of the new schools in Bavaria.

In Garching, the plans are already in place, such as the “Münchner Merkur” and “tz” reports. ln Taufkirchen an architecture firm tested the idea. In the Bavarian town of Pullach, the idea had been put forward for such an additional toilet of an external school consultant, was confirmed by a Council spokesperson on dpa request. Still, the system was, however, not even in the planning. The municipal Council decide in February, write “Münchner Merkur” and “tz”.

The schools to respond with their Reflections on a judgment of the constitutional court, which, in turn, had a decision of the Bundestag at the end of last year, according to which there must be in the birth register. People who feel neither as a woman nor as a man, can call themselves “divers”.

With the toilets for the third gender, the schools were pioneers in Bavaria. “Schools that currently offer such a possibility of the third toilet are not known to us yet,” said a spokesman for the Ministry of culture.

mixed reactions

Among experts, the foray, however, is controversial. No serious investigations or studies are known, which demonstrate that already primary school children the gender differentiation are not aware of, says the Munich-based child psychologist Klaus Neumann. Furthermore, discrimination itself could be more than three toilets are not of the world.

Practical and realistic would be the toilets from Neumann’s point of view, Unisex – toilets, which can be used by all students regardless of gender. The child psychologist, however, is to focus instead on the toilets, was a more open, accepting teaching about sexuality and all related issues meaningful.

in contrast, the psychologist Nora Gaupp, German youth Institute in Munich. “A substantial proportion of adolescents and adults who identify as transgender, reported to have been as a child, a certain ‘otherness’ felt. The parents of TRANS children,” says Gaupp stress.

The psychologist adds that If children learned from an early age that girls and Young are the only Option, it could lead to prejudice to be reduced.

For Dorothea Less of the Bavarian education and science trade Union (GEW), the new toilets, especially a sign of recognition that there is a third gender. “Now the third gender can be registered in the birth certificate. Thus, the structures need to be adjusted, and also a third toilet in the primary school.” Not least of all, will also set a new way of Thinking and discrimination prevented – finally, it is also one of the main pedagogical objectives of schools, says Less.

debate ums school toilets is not only in Bavaria

In Göttingen has established in the current school year, a high school on the Initiative of a student already gender-neutral toilet facilities – in addition to the conventional toilets. Guidelines for schools on the creation of Unisex toilets, or statistics on its dissemination in schools in lower Saxony, it does not give on the part of the Ministry of culture in Hanover, because it was a matter for the school, explains a spokeswoman of the MIRROR.

“the grove mountain is currently the high school is the only school in the sponsorship of the city of Göttingen is known, the gender-neutral toilets has established”, says Dominik Kimyon, press spokesman of the city of Göttingen, the MIRROR. “The school has taken this action without consulting the school Board. You can’t make, requirements, or obligations.” The theme of the game so far in the schools in Göttingen.

In the United States, the freedom of choice in the usage of toilets is no longer a topic of debate. In may 2016, the then-US President Barack Obama has ordered all public schools in the country, Transgender students should use the restrooms of their gender identity did not correspond.

The government under US President Donald Trump was repealed in February last year this rule. Several US-American Transgender student took action against their schools.

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