Actor Song Joong-ki, left, explains the advantage of an interactive service of CJ Onstyle’s live commerce. Photo courtesy of CJ Onstyle

CJ Onstyle will reply to all customer questions during or after streaming

Live commerce has been dubbed as revolutionizing the retail industry by combining streaming video and e-commerce, thus allowing viewers to watch and shop at the same time.

South Korea’s retail giant CJ Onstyle strives to go one step further by beefing up the two-way communication at its live-streaming services.

The Seoul-based company announced on Oct. 4 that it will offer answers to all client queries during the streaming or even after the show comes to an end.

Thus far, live-commerce players struggle to give answers to many questions of customers during the show. Hence, CJ Onstyle decides to give feedbacks even after the show finishes.

“We believe that our communication should not be a one-way street. We think that our new services will help our customers better understand our products,” a CJ official said.

In the meanwhile, CJ Onstyle said that famous Korean actor Song Joong-ki had appeared at its advertisements campaign for the second time since May.

The company said that Song will explain the advantages of interactive live commerce services.

Live commerce has come to the fore by linking up an online live stream broadcast with an e-commerce store over the past few years.

Now, the service has established itself as a fixture in marketing campaigns of major corporations both at home and abroad.

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