90 minutes-is the “Bandersnatch” according to the Netflix officially. But who wants to deal with in the special episode of the series “Black Mirror”, the Tech Dystopias, but also much longer to lose. “Bandersnatch” is no ordinary movie, but one whose action of the viewers affected.

By touch screen, mouse click or key press to decide, for example, what are the Cornflakes of the Protagonist Stefan is having for Breakfast, what music he listens to or how much, he told a psychologist. But there are also a lot of drastic decisions with which it is maneuvered and Stefan in a sticky end – on Spoiler, we will not.

Only so much: you can think of “Bandersnatch” as a game book in the “Choose Your Own Adventure”-style in film form, the various meta-levels. The most obvious is in the fact that the Protagonist is working on a decision-heavy video game based on an adventure book.

There are video games with a similar expiry

For the mixture of Science Fiction and Mystery, from the mid-eighties scenario and a modern style bandersnatch “got” on the net a lot of praise For many viewers it seems to be a new, exciting experience to be able to on the Smartphone or in front of the TV influence on a story.

Some gamers might be surprising, because in the field of video games, there are for many years, interactive movies – and also games that have game elements, Gameplay facade-but especially impressionable stories stuck. Not all of them have so many meta-levels as “Bandersnatch”, some entertain but still significantly longer than the Netflix movie.

Here are six Games have to meet, in which they also regularly decisions – one of which even runs directly to Netflix:

1) “Life is Strange” (for Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, Android and iOS)

“Life is Strange”

Max is 18, an aspiring photographer and can turn back time: In their role, the player experiences in “Life is Strange” the High-School-everyday life in the US coastal town of Arcadia Bay, threatens to be not only of a Tornado swirled together. It comes to the feelings of a teenager, the Stagger between carefree childhood and the uncertainty of the future.

for a Playful Life is Strange “” no major challenges, however, the decisions are sometimes so tricky how surprising and sometimes even life and death. The game consists of five episodes, to him it is also the Prequel to “Before the Storm” and a sequel with a new protagonist, but only one Episode has been released.


2) Telltale games (for Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, Android and iOS)

Similar to “Life is Strange” from the manufacturer Dontnod numerous games of the Studio Telltale Games, which was recently closed to work. Its Games like “The Walking Dead” and “Game of Thrones” are equipped with official licences, and also in episodes – and even in seasons – divided. The players are immersed in them with the new main characters in the fantastic and morbid worlds of the TV series.

Even if the decisions in Telltale Games often have less impact than, for example, in “Life is Strange”, the stories of their moments. Especially “The Walking Dead” convinced “Game of Thrones” is only for Fans of the series. Both games have appeared in English, but have English subtitles.

3) “Minecraft: Story Mode” (e.g., Netflix, Playstation 4, and Xbox One)

“Minecraft: Story Mode”

One of the Telltale productions, not only on Smartphones, consoles and PC games, but even directly on Netflix: “Minecraft Story Mode” is an interactive narrative that is set in the world of the popular block game. The plant, which makes it easier for its Netflix version and made the game a impressionable Film, is about the Streaming service entirely in German life.

4) “Detroit: Become Human” (for Playstation 4)

“Detroit: Become Human -”

A little more classic video game in the Telltale Games is in “Detroit: Become Human”, a lavishly produced Science-Fiction title. It deals with the question of whether robots can have feelings and whether they should be citizens with rights. So, for example, must be inspected in the role of one of three Android crime scenes and violent scenes to be reconstructed. In the year 2038, the player encounters in “Detroit” but also in the minute, unimportant to very important decisions.

Behind the “Detroit: Become Human” is the game designer David Cage, the is for Games such as “Fahrenheit” “Heavy Rain” and “Beyond: Two Souls”. Whom one of these games has fallen, and is expected to like “Detroit”. And who the older titles skeptical about the the new game.


5) Story (for PC, Android and iOS)


“Her Story” is the concept most original of the presented title. In this game, and it’s exclusively in English, should come the players to a criminal case on the track by snippets from 230 Video interviews piece by piece the truth together. Only the search mask of an ancient police computer is available.

The search system is reliable each and every Video in which a term is called. Be displayed but only the first five snippets. To dig deeper into the story, the player must collect at the facts and come up with ever more precise search commands. That sounds like work, but is also fun and is very exciting.


6) “80 Days” (for PC, Android and iOS)

“80 Days”

finally, a tip for all who like books: “80 Days” is a text-heavy game, the novels, right comes close – with the difference that you can affect the plot. Based on Jules Verne’s “around the world in 80 days” should be surrounded in the game of globe. This task sounds easy, but the story is set in 1872 – long before Google Maps and GPS.


The player must inform in “80 Days”, therefore, again and again, only on travel opportunities in other cities, for example through asking Around, or by the main character buys the appropriate cards. Practically you do not need to plan his Route around the world, but also in text screens constantly for one of several alternative courses of action decide. “80 Days” is very rich in variety, of all the featured Games, it has probably the highest replay value.

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