It is one of the specialties of Ole Gunnar Solskjær, to write within a short period of time in history. In his active career, he was the highest-scoring substitute player Manchester United ever. His most famous as short-time workers, he experienced the appearance in the final of the Champions League in 1999 against Bayern.

In the third Minute of added time, he reached out with his right leg, scored the 2:1-winning goal, and brought his club to the historic Triple title, the FA Cup and the silver handles Cup with the Giants for the best team in Europe. Between his bench and the match twelve minutes were.

In his new role as interim coach of the English championship record-holders of the now 45-year-old Norwegian took two weeks to reach a historic mark: He won in this time all five games, four in the Premier League and most recently the game in the Cup against Reading FC. So he drew with the legendary Sir Matt Busby, was in the year 1946, the first and so far only United Manager, who designed the first five games of his tenure, victorious.

Finally on the offensive

With a success at Tottenham Hotspur this Sunday (17.30 clock; Stream: Dazn; live Ticker MIRROR ONLINE) could Solskjaer place the sole start-up record. The prospect of him according to their own information cold: “I don’t care. Not now. Maybe I look back in 20 years and take stock,” he says in his very special English. It contains a Scandinavian accent of the people in Manchester, Mancunians. For eleven years he stood as a player at United. This experience has influenced him, in every way.

The impressive success story – and she was currently even so short – seems almost corny: The always-smiling Fan favorite Solskjaer is destined to bring the club to the separation of José Mourinho just before Christmas, back on track – and this seems to work well.

Solskjær has with simple methods of success. While its predecessor, dedicated to the Team a defensive outsider tactics and Old Trafford, had made a place in the football asceticism, Solskjær his players is significantly higher on the field, and encourages them to develop in the Offensive. Under his leadership, the desire is to shoot on goals larger than the beware of counter hit.

Victor Lindelöf, Paul Pogba and Jesse Lingard (left to right)

Mourinho had created, especially towards the end of his two and a half years in office, a punishing climate and with Parts of his team crossed swords, the crashing most of France, world champion Paul Pogba.

Solskjær spread good mood and sits demonstratively on previously chided the players. Pogba is flourishing under the new man with four goals and three assists. Also other professionals like Marcus Rashford and Jesse Lingard, as it would have saved you from the invisible shackles.

The change of coach has released the players that you see on the pitch – and so you speak also. Prices Solskjær for his communicative style, the new lightness, and the attacking football he can play. While it would be surprising if professionals criticized their new coach to the public. The praised aspects were, however, precisely those where it is under Mourinho failed to have.

With Solskjær, the “Killer with the baby face”, as his Fans call him, to beat Manchester United to the bridge between the Golden past and the present. It is the spirit of the Trainer-icon of Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United at Old Trafford is blowing. No one Solskjær, has so much affected as he, in his active career and beyond. “I have my style as a coach from him,” says the Norwegians about the “Boss”, as he calls Ferguson still. The Ex-boss Solskjær at his current Mission with the Council. In the daily work of longtime assistant Mike Phelan as the Co-Trainer supports him in Ferguson’s long.

Solskjaer remains a transitional solution

Despite the remarkable take-offs can still not be reliable to assess how well Solskjær really is. The game plan of the Premier League was lenient and gave him to deuce games against Cardiff City (5:1), Huddersfield Town (3:1), Bournemouth (4:1) and Newcastle United (2:0). And his previous coach stations in Molde and Cardiff not at least indicate that he is an exceptionally good coach.

The Meeting with Tottenham is the first real test for the Norwegian. And yet another reason the game interesting: Tottenham’s Mauricio Pochettino is regarded as United’s candidate of choice for the coach for the new season.

Solskjær makes no secret of the fact that he would like to remain permanently in the office, but this is not provided. The club are a top CEO Ed Woodward hired him specifically only until the end of the season to stabilise the club and to lift the mood.

The requirements on the coach for the future. The new man must form a team according to his ideas and your identity, as it’s Pep Guardiola at Manchester City, Jürgen Klopp at Liverpool and Pochettino at Tottenham. Whether Solskjær met this profile, is questionable. However, it is also that he has operated with his Start for the history books in-house advertising. And with each victory, more power.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.