Shown above are Mouton Cadet products, the representative Bordeaux wine brand. Korea’s Interliquor said that it had signed an exclusive deal to import the wines with France’s Baron Philippe de Rothschild. Photo courtesy of Interliquor

Korean liquor company signs contract with Baron Philippe de Rothschild

Interliquor said on Dec. 14 that the Korean firm had struck an exclusive deal with France’s Baron Philippe de Rothschild to import Mouton Cadet, the representative Bordeaux wine brand.

The Seoul-based liquor company said that the two-way deal will enable Korean fans of Bordeaux wines to enjoy better products.

Mouton Cadet is considered one of the most successful Bordeaux wines. Baron Philippe de Rothschild created the brand around 90 years ago.

The company produces the wine by assembling a variety of grapes from several Bordeaux region appellations. Its annual sales top 10 million bottles in some 100 countries across the globe.

The brand tapped into the Korean market in 1993 to win the hearts and minds of Korean consumers.

Interliquor is an affiliate of Drinks International, which is famous for the Korean whisky brand Imperial. The outfit is also importing a flurry of wines and liquors.

“It is a great honor to market Mouton Cadet wines,” Interliquor Chairman Kim Il-joo said. “We will try to let the Korean people know the excellence of the brand.”

Baron Philippe de Rothschild CEO Véronique Hombroekx noted that the bilateral partnership with Interliquor will raise brand awareness of Mouton Cadet products.