Shown above is the Incheon International Airport, the gateway to South Korea. The country has increased air flights through the airport. Photo courtesy of Incheon International Airport

Beginning Oct. 30, more planes will fly in Korea

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT) announced on Oct. 30 that it had permitted the schedules of regular domestic and international flights for the winter season of 2022.

The requests were submitted by domestic and international airlines, and the number of international passenger flights can be recovered to up to 60 percent of the level of the same period in 2019.

The MOLIT allowed international passenger flights of 74 airlines, which amount to more than 2,700 flights a week, marking an increase of almost 800 flights.

The ministry said that the demand to go abroad had prompted it to take the measure in time with the relaxation of international tour restrictions and the winter season.

This approaches 60 percent of flights before the virus pandemic.

In addition, the MOLIT is poised to enable airlines to further jack up flights in line with the demand.

The international flights will cover 162 routes. Some 70 percent of routes to Southeast Asian countries, the United States, and Europe would be recovered compared to three years ago.

As a result, this winter season will see the resumption of the various routes, including from Incheon to Brisbane, Palau, Macao, and Tel Aviv.

Plus, following the reopening of Japan’s airways, there will be a surge in flights from Incheon to Okinawa, and Takamatsu, as well as from Gimpo to Haneda.

China still sticks to its strict COVID-19 quarantine policies, but it agreed to crank up the number of flights departing from Korea from 30 to 68 per week, according to the MOLIT.

The measures will take effect beginning on Oct. 30.

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