On Sunday evening at 20:30 local time in the island state of Tonga techno fell back logically to the last century. The submarine cable, which will connect the island group in the South Pacific with the Internet, failed. This is associated with Mail services, the Web was more than just a temporary loss of E -, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Also, the phone connections to foreign countries were no longer possible, and credit card terminals were able to finalise payments author.

In a report of the news site, “Matangi Tonga Online,” reported the head of the local office of Western Union that because of the Internet outage were to Tuesday no cash transfers are possible. It was only when it was normally about the 827 Kilometer-long fiber-optic cable running redirect traffic via a local provider of satellite Internet, have you start working again. However, the Transfers were “still very slow” and only on the main island of the archipelago.

The power outage also has an impact on one of the few sectors of the economy of the country, the tourism. For one, prospective customers can make, currently, no online bookings with suppliers in Tonga, to the other vacationers were not able to take prior to arrival with travel suppliers and Hotels to contact in order to arrange your pick up from the airport. Retailers and Hoteliers also complain of problems because no card payments are possible. In part, it was therefore started to record the credit card data of the customer, the due contributions later.

repair of the submarine cable could be one to two weeks

How long is the Internet default for the approximately 100,000 residents of Tonga will continue to take is unclear. The damage had apparently occurred in 80 kilometres away, said the head of the operator of the Tonga Cable Ltd. in an interview with “Matangi Tonga Online”. What is the nature of the Problem is, one cannot say. The repair will take one to two weeks.

While much of the island’s population seems to be the Internet failure, so far, been largely left, complains the President of two women’s business organizations, that the incident generated so little excitement. Finally, you live to be a “global world, companies can’t afford to be cut off.”

Christian Patouraux, CEO of Kacific Broadband Satellites, the satellite Tonga currently connect to the Internet, summarizes the state of the island opposite the AP news Agency: “Internally, the country is functioning normally, but from the Rest of the world, it is largely cut off. It’s like in the dark ages.”


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